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Wi-Fi Design Day 2023

The Barbican, London | 02 March 2023

What’s New at Ekahau

Matthew Starling & Mac Deryng

The demand for Wi-Fi is front and centre now more than ever, yet 1 in 3 networks are poor performing and 75% of networks are in need of troubleshooting and optimization. That’s where Ekahau can help. Join us to learn how Ekahau tools can help you design, validate and troubleshoot high-performing Wi-Fi networks. We’ll share highlights of Sidekick 2, our new supercharged 6 GHz-capable measurement tool, and AI Pro, our latest software featuring support for 6 GHz networks and artificial intelligence.

6 GHz: what we’ve learned for optimal deployments

Dobias van Ingen

As 6 GHz is in its infancy, we will take a look at some real-world deployments of 6 GHz and share lessons we’ve learned so far when it comes to designing and deploying 6 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

Tips & tricks for designing 6 GHz Wi-Fi networks

Matthew Starling & Mac Deryng

Get the most out of your Wi-Fi network designs and surveys — and avoid common pitfalls — with these handy tips and tricks.

Ekahau and Meraki integration

Liam Francis

In this session, we explore the new Ekahau-Meraki integration from the end user customer experience. Imatik are a specialist Meraki partner supporting a range of FTSE 100 & 250 companies.

Fixing Bad Wi-Fi The Easy Way

Renzo Notter

There are four key secrets to troubleshooting and achieving great performing Wi-Fi. In this session, we’ll do a deep dive on troubleshooting best practices and also take a look at how the Ekahau Analyzer app allows you to assess a Wi-Fi network and identify issues within 60 seconds.

Healthcare environments: design considerations in an increasingly demanding environment

Marc Jackson

Technical introductions into everyday digital habits, including technologies used in hospitals and healthcare, along with some of the physical environment limitations, have changed the way some Wi-Fi designs are being approached. Examining some technology introduced over the past few years, considerations towards design approaches have been somewhat altered. Leveraging features in Ekahau AI Pro both for APoS and Desktop Predictive surveys can help us with the design whether it’s for a ward, single site or to meet the needs of 232 hospital emergency departments. Overall Technology in Healthcare emphasizes the Wi-Fi design lifecycle to handle the change and advancements in environments like these.

Wi-Fi Design Day 2021

The British Museum, London | 17 November 2021

Ekahau Innovation – What’s New

Matthew Starling & Mac Deryng

Join Ekahau’s new Directors of Ekahau University & Product Marketing, Matt Starling & Mac Deryng, for an update on the latest and greatest advancements from Ekahau.

Cisco RF Innovations

Jiri Brejcha

Wi-Fi design matters, and so does the antenna choice! Cisco has been busy at work designing its new generation of antennas. Did you know you can configure antenna beam width in software? Join us, and learn how to deploy these in high-density scenarios, large public venues, stadiums, and auditoriums.

Wireless Security in a Borderless World

Philip Keeley

Phil will take a look at different wireless security options and common issues engineers will encounter as networks move to endpoint protection rather than a physical trust boundary.

Wi-Fi Design in Higher Education

Matthew Seymour

Higher Education presents complex challenges for the Wi-Fi designer with rapidly evolving user requirements, varied building construction, academic lab, office and residential space. In this talk we’ll look at just a few examples, the importance of selecting the appropriate access point and the problem solving potential of hospitality units.

Fundamental Truths about Wireless LAN Design

Keith Parsons

Some things haven’t changed in WLAN design in over two decades – and yet people still continue to make “less-than-efficient” designs. Keith will cover the Top Ten issues many people continue to make when designing Wi-Fi solutions. You will learn things you can put in to practice right away to improve your own Wireless LANs. This up-beat, fast-paced, presentation just might lead you to ask yourselves even more questions.

How to use Spectrum Analysis to Validate your Wi-Fi

Matthew Starling & Mac Deryng

This presentation will help you understand and visualise the impact when more than one Wi-Fi device wants to transmit, and what happens when non Wi-Fi devices start transmitting in the same spectrum as Wi-Fi.

The Art of Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Peter MacKenzie

Troubleshooting is as much an art as it is a science. Very often engineers know the science but it is the art of troubleshooting where skills are lacking. So how do we become better Artists? Well it is time to allow your passion and creativity to flow as we look at the artistic side of troubleshooting.

Wi-Fi Design Day 2020

Online Event

Ekahau Innovation – What’s New and What’s Next

Anssi Tauriainen

Join Ekahau’s VP of product management, Anssi Tauriainen, for an update on what’s new from Ekahau and what’s coming next.

Standardised WLAN Design

Peter MacKenzie

Ask 10 Certified Wireless Network Experts how to design a wireless network and they will give you 10 different answers — and then debate those answers for the next 4 hours. Is there really such a big divide in our industry, or are they all arguing the same thing, just using different language? Join us as we discuss whether a standardised design framework can bring us together — or if it will just add another voice into an already congested space.

Automated Root Cause Analysis in Wireless Networks

Karan Gupta

Karan looks at the process of building an RCA (Root Cause Analysis) engine for a Wi-Fi network. A Wi-Fi RCA engine can help you to identify the root cause(s) of an issue or a symptom based on the available observations, system knowledge and the domain knowledge. For example, if there are 10 possible reasons why a single client or a set of clients may be facing the ‘Low Data Rate’ issue, a Wi-Fi RCA can deduce that only 2 out of those 10 are responsible. You can also run the RCA engine periodically for automated network assurance.

How to Design Wi-Fi for a 720,000 sq. ft Warehouse

Matthew Starling & Mac Deryng

Find out how the WiFi Ninjas designed a wireless network for a warehouse with a really challenging environment; racking 125m long and 18m high with aisles just 2m wide. Did we mention that coverage was required at all heights?

The Future of ‘Work From Home’

Tom Barrett & Jim Vajda

COVID-19 has ushered in a significant change in the global economy, with up to 42% of people working remotely—the majority for the first time ever.

Unfortunately, employees can’t bring their enterprise-level setup home with them and trying to run the same applications on standard home Wi-Fi networks and hardware can create a few challenges. After this session you’ll better understand the issues presented by ‘remote workers’ and how to better support them.

7 Things I Wish I’d Learned Earlier in my Career

Keith Parsons

After two decades dedicated to designing, installing, and troubleshooting Wireless LANs – Keith shares the things would have made his experience easier. A chance for you to learn from Keith’s mistakes. Important issues to understand about 802.11, vendors, and customers that can make your life better.

Mesh Wi-Fi and How 802.11ay Can be Used to Improve Outdoor Deployments

Marc Jackson

Marc will discuss his love–hate relationship with Mesh Wi-Fi and take you on a journey through some wireless mesh use cases. He’ll also provide an introduction to 802.11ay and how it can increase the capacity and performance of some outdoor wireless networks.

The Subtle Art of Wireless Antenna Configurations

Carter Burke & Matthew Wenham

Join the AccelTex team as they discuss real business cases of wireless antennas deployed in challenging and unusual environments. Find out how these solutions required customization to adapt to their environments and how they resolved issues to enhance overall productivity.

Wi-Fi Design Day 2019

The ICC, Birmingham | 08 November 2019

Harder Tech. Easier Tools.

Anssi Tauriainen

Anssi talks about the advancements in Wi-Fi technology that make it better, yet more complex to manage and understand. At the same time they will look at the shiny new Wi-Fi tools that are becoming easier to use, making survival in the Wi-Fi jungle more likely. The new, easier tools will even create disruption in the market place, giving the most innovative and brightest of Wi-Fi folks a significant competitive advantage.

Tips, Techniques, and Tools for Troubleshooting Wireless LANs

Keith Parsons

A quick “best of” highlights from a full Wireless LAN Troubleshooting course. An overview of the entire process from Wi-Fi client devices to full two-way packets traversing the Internet. With specific examples, processes, and especially the tools needed to solve Wireless problems, even when they aren’t.

Delivering Free WiFi Across the NHS

David Corbett

David will provide an overview of how he and his team supported the delivery of free WiFi across the secondary care and primary care NHS estate across England which included over 200 NHS Trusts and 7,500 GP surgeries, and how free WiFi is benefiting patients receiving NHS care and clinicians and other healthcare professionals working across the NHS in England.

Federated Roaming: Design Pattern and Results

Mark O’Leary

Some years ago, the education sector identified an opportunity to cut the overheads associated with providing guest connectivity and thus support increased collaboration and resource sharing. The implementation of this idea ultimately became known as eduroam. Today, in the UK in a typical month we see around 1.5 million unique devices roaming to eduroam-equipped venues, facilitating around 11 million roaming-days of work by staff and students. The same technology has recently been deployed to wider public sector stakeholders in the form of govroam, with the goal of realising similar productivity gains and savings for UK PLC.

Designing Wi-Fi for Voice

Andrew McHale

Want to deploy Wi-Fi that works for any Voice client? Join Andrew as he shares the core parameters you control that make the difference between a poor voice experience and a great one.

How to Design, Install and Validate RTLS

Matthew Starling & Mac Deryng

The WiFi Ninjas will cover all aspects of what is required to design, install and validate a proper RTLS deployment using multiple vendors. They will compare different architectures and location methods including triangulation, Cisco Hyperlocation / angle of arrival, BLE built in and beacon, and discuss use cases supported by real deployments (all Cisco) and their own lab testing.

Mastering Ekahau’s New Connect Solution

Nick Turner

In this presentation, Nick will explain, through a hands-on demo, how to take full advantage of Ekahau’s latest Wi-Fi tools that have just gone through a major overhaul.

Is 802.11ax the Promised Land?

Ian Tearle

The 802.11ax standard heralds in the sixth-generation of Wi-Fi. Dubbed “Wi-Fi 6” by the Wi-Fi Alliance the promised benefits are massive, but what are engineers actually seeing in the real-world and has it changed the way we manage Wi-Fi networks? Ian Tearle will have a look at what’s been seen in the first 10 months of the year and whether adoption is on track with industry predictions.

Wi-Fi Security Essentials

Richard Shelford

Wireless networks are forcing organizations to completely rethink how they secure their networks and devices to prevent attacks that expose critical assets and confidential data. By their very nature, wireless networks are difficult to secure and manage, even for experienced network administrators.

Wi-Fi Performance Monitoring as a Design Tool

Jim Vajda

Real AP’s and real clients don’t always behave the ways we assume they will, and that has implications for design, capacity planning, validation, and application performance. Insights from a Wi-Fi performance monitoring system can be used in place of the usual assumptions to improve the accuracy of WLAN design and support ongoing operations. Jim will walk you through some real-world examples of designs that benefitted from using 7SIGNAL’s solutions.

Analysing Roaming Protocols

Peter MacKenzie

There are many different Wi-Fi roaming protocols, both standard-based and proprietary, but how do they work? How do these protocols improve user experience? What is the difference between them? Which should I implement? This session will answer these questions and demystify the complexly of Wi-Fi roaming.

Round Table

Wi-Fi Design Day 2018

The Barbican, London | 02 November 2018

Ekahau, Wi-Fi and the Universe

Jussi Kiviniemi

Jussi talks about what’s new with Ekahau. He also talks about the kind of changes Wi-Fi engineers should expect with Wi-Fi, wireless tools, and their jobs.

7 Ways to Fail + 7 New Ways to Fail: The Famous Fourteen

Steven Heinsius

When Steven created ‘7 Ways to Fail’ he just wanted to make a summary of common mistakes and how to prevent them, he never thought they would become famous. Now he has 7 new fails, creating ‘The Famous Fourteen’!


Peter MacKenzie

Removing problems from the hand of your network – Protocol Analysers can be magical troubleshooting tools, providing the information within trace files is correctly interpreted. This session will give some practical tips for interpreting WLAN traces files and highlight some common mistakes made.

Ekahau Custom Report Templates

Nick Turner

Nick Turner is a self-appointed authority on creating custom report templates for Ekahau. In this session he shows you his top tips and tricks to create the perfect templates which can save you hours of tedious manual report creation.

How Analytics Will Become a New Superpower in Our 24/7 Wi-Fi Infrastructures

Dobias Van Ingen

A famous quote by Heraclitus is “The only thing that is constant is change”. Mobility is growing faster than ever. More devices are using wireless technology, and newer and faster standards are constantly on the horizon. Controllers, access points and other infrastructure devices collect more data than ever before.

Things I’ve Learned about WLAN Design (after teaching hundreds of classes)

Keith Parsons

Based on Keith’s experience teaching thousands of students – he tackles the things NOT to do when designing Wireless LANs. He then focuses on the tips, tricks, and techniques to make designing WLANs as simple as possible.

Round Table

Wi-Fi Design Day 2017

Churchill War Rooms, London | 27 October 2017

Wi-Fi Site Surveys – Absolutely Essential or Time Wasted?

Jussi Kiviniemi

Jussi explores the value of conducting a wireless site survey.

Why A Half-Baked Wi-Fi Design Will Give You Indigestion

Stuart Carley

Stuart doesn’t believe in a ‘cookie cutter approach’ to wireless design. No two networks are the same as lots of different elements need to be taken into account, and therefore no two designs should be the same.

Can I Really Build An All-Wireless Office?

Brett Martin

Brett Martin, Consulting Systems Engineer at Cisco Meraki asks if you can really build an all-wireless office, and should you?

Things you thought you know about Wi-Fi, but don’t…

Keith Parsons

There are lots of things about Wi-Fi which are counter-intuitive, how many do you know?

Reasons Why Wi-Fi Doesn’t Work

Peter MacKenzie

Peter covers some of the reasons that Wi-Fi fails to work, and how to fix them.