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Ekahau helps businesses build and maintain high-performing Wi-Fi networks. Businesses of every size—including the world’s biggest brands and events—use Ekahau’s software and hardware products to design, validate, optimize and troubleshoot their Wi-Fi.

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“We have enjoyed a close partnership with Open Reality for many years. Open Reality is dedicated to ensuring their customers have the best solutions and training for high-performing Wi-Fi, and we appreciate their partnership, enthusiasm, and collaboration.”

Steve Litzow | SVP Global Sales | Ekahau


Ekahau AI Pro

Ekahau AI Pro is the industry standard tool for 6 GHz Wi-Fi planning and AI wireless network design.

Ekahau Sidekick 2

Ekahau Sidekick 2 is the fastest, most precise Wi-Fi testing and measurement device, now supercharged and tuned for 6 GHz (Wi-Fi 6E), 5 GHz, and 2.4 GHz.

Ekahau Connect

Ekahau Connect is a suite of Wi-Fi tools that enables your team to design, optimize and troubleshoot any Wi-Fi network.

Ekahau Survey

Ekahau Survey is a professional Wi-Fi site survey app for iOS and Android, for use with Sidekick 2.

Ekahau Measure

Ekahau Measure is a flexible SaaS survey-only license combining all the data collection capabilities you need. Also available bundled with a Sidekick 2.

Ekahau Analyzer

Ekahau Analyzer is a professional-grade Wi-Fi health validation, troubleshooting, and spectrum analyzer app for Android and iOS devices optimized for use with Ekahau Sidekick 2.

Ekahau Insights

Ekahau Insights gives you a holistic view of key performance indicators, network inventory and survey actions across all the networks you design, survey, optimize, and troubleshoot with Ekahau.

Ekahau Capture

Ekahau Capture makes it easy for anyone to collect the data needed for advanced troubleshooting and in-depth analysis of tough to diagnose Wi-Fi problems.

Ekahau Cloud

Ekahau Cloud enables seamless project collaboration across teams, and between on-site staff and Wi-Fi experts.

Ekahau Private 5G

Design professional 5G, 4G, and LTE private cellular networks with the speed and accuracy of Ekahau wireless design tools.

ECSE Design

The 4-day ECSE Design course consists of classroom lectures and labs taught by Wi-Fi experts. Learn how to design, optimize, and troubleshoot better Wi-Fi using Ekahau products.

ECSE Troubleshooting

This 4-day course consists of lectures and labs taught by Wi-Fi experts. Understand WLAN protocol and how to use Ekahau tools to troubleshoot WLANs.

ECSE Advanced

ECSE Advanced is a 4-day training course that takes a deeper dive into the intricacies of designing, optimizing and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks.