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AccelTex Solutions is an established manufacturer of high-quality wireless LAN products and accessories. With over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry, AccelTex use their deep understanding of Wi-Fi networks to design products with the user and installer in mind.

They have a reputation for quick and efficient project turn-around times and their unique customization process is what sets them apart. From proof-of-concept to delivery, they work closely with clients and partners to develop state-of-the-art products and solutions that integrate seamlessly into wireless networks to provide solid, reliable Wi-Fi service.

AccelTex have developed long-term, strategic alliances with leading wireless technology vendors to provide a wide range of complimentary products including access point antennas, mounts, enclosures, skins and power solutions.

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“Open Reality are a real value-added distributor who share our enthusiasm for excellent Wi-Fi. They are a reliable team of specialists who have played a significant role in the remarkable growth of our business during the last 3 years.”

Matthew Wenham | EMEA Sales Director


AccelTex Wi-Fi Mounts

The AccelTex Solutions range of antenna and access point mounts hold your wireless networking equipment securely in place.

AccelTex Wi-Fi Enclosures

AccelTex wireless enclosures protect your access points, antennas and switches from damage, and secure your sensitive network connections.

AccelTex Wi-Fi Antennas

The AccelTex Solutions range of dual-band omnidirectional and patch antennas are the perfect complement to enterprise-class Access Points, so that you get the desired coverage and performance in your indoor or outdoor space.

AccelTex Cabling

AccelTex Cabling Solutions provide an easy and efficient way to change styles and genders within an RF system.

AccelTex Power Solutions

AccelTex solar and UPS solutions along with versatile PoE injectors and switches cater for all off-grid and mission-critical power applications.

AccelTex Power Protection

AccelTex power protection products protect equipment from the build-up and discharge of static electricity that affects the operation and lifespan of your network.

The Accelerator Site Survey Battery Pack v2

The Accelerator 2.0 is a compact and lightweight wireless site survey battery pack with an impressive 7500 mAh capacity. A must-have for all Wi-Fi engineers.