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Poor application performance is painful for both your business and for your employees. If problems persist your operational productivity, efficiency and employee confidence in IT will all be affected. People instinctively blame the “network” though in fact issues can be caused by changes to applications or network infrastructure, traffic spikes, security compromises and rogue applications. This makes it very difficult to find the root cause and implement a solution unless you are equipped with the right tools.

No two organisations will have the same network infrastructure demands, so we make it our business to understand the network and objectives before we make any recommendations. We like to work with our customers to establish exactly what issues led to a failure or performance investigation and then design a solution that meets not only your immediate, but future operational needs.

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Traffic Generators perform network stress tests by sending packets through your network and measuring the response in real time. By emulating both clients and servers you gain an insight into how the device under test (DUT) will perform under real traffic conditions.

We’ve partnered with Apposite Technologies to offer a brand new approach to traffic generation. Move away from outdated, expensive machines and unreliable free and open source tools, and experience the unmatched ease of use and repeatable results that Netropy Traffic Generation provides. The modern UI design is intuitive, so you can get right to work instead of getting bogged down in training. By replicating real application traffic and protocols at tremendous scale, you can easily test network capacity or devices like SD-WAN gateways, firewalls, load balancers and more to assess throughput, latency, packet loss, QoS policy adherence, and security performance.


A network emulator allows you to test under real-world conditions with fine-grained precision to predict and troubleshoot problems before they occur. But you need flexible, robust, comprehensive network emulation to create realistic network scenarios and prevent performance bottlenecks and failures.

Netropy WAN Emulators recreate every real-world network impairment in a testing environment to provide you with the most deterministic and repeatable results. Whether it’s distance, bandwidth availability or any other variable, Apposite WAN emulators let you create the testing environment you need to troubleshoot potential pitfalls, test applications, and optimize performance. Whether you want to test on a 5G, SD-WAN, or satellite network, we provide the scalable tools you need to gain the necessary insights into your system.

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Network troubleshooting appliances are diagnostic tools that deployed by network administrators around the world to analyse network traffic in real-time to identify network problems, performance bottlenecks, and packet losses.

Allegro Network Multimeters have the perfect combination of ease of operation and performance. The powerful software algorithms analyse load peaks and disturbances to provide high granularity and detailed analysis. An easy-to-use web interface helps identify network problems within a few clicks so that a problem areas or errors can be isolated and pcaps can be captured from pre-selected network traffic for further analysis.

The systems are designed for very high capture recording, analysis and storage rates and allow retroactive verification of up to 1.2 million active IP addresses and 64 million concurrent connections. Ideal for use in large data centres, core networks and ISP infrastructures.


We only sell into the channel. Our enthusiasm, hard work, and in-house expertise supports our reseller partners in growing their business, services and revenue. We believe that a strong partnership with our resellers makes a world of difference by driving exceptional customer service and after sales support.

If you are interested in the benefits that new network performance technologies can bring to your business and your customers, we would love to hear from you.