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Since 2005, Apposite Technologies has been the leading supplier of network emulation and network performance testing tools for leading enterprises, application developers, military organizations, and telecom carriers worldwide.

Their mission is to provide modern, easy-to-use network, application, and security performance testing solutions that foster innovation and bring technology closer to perfection.

Using their network emulation and traffic generation test tools our clients can deploy new technology with confidence and deliver the best user experience possible.

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“Open Reality are among our top partners worldwide by delivering incredibly fast ROI for their customers. Increasingly they are delivering Apposite’s products as part of a package of test and monitoring tools. With their technical knowledge they are not selling a part number from a catalogue, but are working with customers to find out what they need and to offer the best solution for their requirements.”

DC Palter | President | Apposite Technologies


Apposite Linktropy WAN Emulators

Emulate a single set of conditions between two networks for application development, testing and demonstration.

Apposite Netropy WAN Emulators

Simulate up to 60 separate WAN links, each with their own bandwidth, delay, and loss characteristics.

Apposite TrafficJam

A high-performance, low-cost traffic generator for measuring the capacity of networks and networking equipment.

Apposite Netropy Traffic Generation

Netropy Traffic Generation Solutions offer a brand new approach to traffic generation. Move away from outdated, expensive machines and unreliable freeware, and experience the unmatched ease of use and repeatable results that Netropy Traffic Generation provides.


Benchmark the raw packet level performance of networks and devices with classical performance measurements.


Capture, reproduce, and amplify production traffic in a controlled lab environment to help find and eliminate performance bottlenecks on your network before they reach your end user.


AppStorm helps users validate the performance of application-aware devices and networks using an extensive library of pre-built application flows.


SessionStrike assesses how fast stateful network devices can establish and tear down TCP and HTTP connections for capacity and performance testing.

DNS Storm

DNS Storm measures the performance and capacity of carrier-grade DNS servers by stress testing them against a high scale of DNS queries.