Benchmark the Performance and Functionality of Application Aware Devices and Systems

Emulate Real-World Application Traffic

Emulate clients, servers, and real network traffic with our extensive library of application flows to performance benchmark application aware devices and systems like SD-WAN gateways, Next Generation Firewalls, IPS/IDS Systems, DPI, and Anti-DDoS readiness.


Utilize Pre-Built Application Flows

Ensure quality of service of products and quality of experience for customers using pre-built application flows for many applications such as, Netflix, Oracle, SAP, Facebook Twitter, Uber, and Zoom.

Simplify test configuration using our modern, browser-based user interface or automate testing using RESTful API.


  • Generate a city scale of application traffic to quickly and easily validate the performance of application-aware devices and networks.
  • Choose from an extensive library of application flows that is continually updated by a dedicated team of protocol experts.
  • Configure custom traffic flows with a mix of applications and protocols that mimic your production network traffic.
  • Optimize next-generation firewalls and other security infrastructure to help build threat resillient networks.
  • Test using pre-defined flows for video streaming, social media, SaaS, E-commerce, finance, gaming, chat, web conference, and many others.
  • Evaluate the performance of vendor solutions and service provider networks before deployment.


AppStorm is available on high performance appliances and virtual machines.

  • Performance benchmark application aware devices and systems: SD-WAN gateways, NextGen Firewalls, IPS/IDS Systems, DPI, and Anti-DDoS readiness
  • Measure the impact of QoS policies on application performance and end-user experience
  • Includes a large and constantly growing library of pre-built application flows for Video Streaming, Social Media, SaaS, E-Commerce, Finance, Gaming, Chat, Web Conference, and many others
  • Supports hundreds of individual application flows for many applications such as, Netflix, Oracle, SAP, Facebook Twitter, Uber, Zoom
  • Emulate several thousand end points with unique MAC and IP addresses
  • Application library consisting of 1000+ apps
  • Monthly application database update
  • Apply evasion techniques
  • Customizable test reports
  • Statistics per application which also include flow direction of the blocked application
  • Intuitive web-based UI
  • Automate testing with a RESTful API 17\
  • Integrates with Netropy network emulators

Configure tests with ease on the feature-rich, browser-based GUI or with our comprehensive RESTful API for increased automation. Run multiple tests at once and keep them running in the background, collaborate with your team, and easily connect and perform tests from anywhere.


TrafficEngine Icon

Traffic Engine

Benchmark the raw packet level performance of networks and devices with classical performance measurements

AppPlayback Icon


Capture, reproduce, and amplify production traffic in a controlled lab environment


Evaluate the session holding capabilities of stateful network devices and servers

DNS Storm Icon

DNS Storm

Measure the performance and capacity of DNS servers against a high scale of DNS queries.

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