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Open Reality is in Pole Position to Deliver Faster App Times

October 1st, 2014 by Open Reality

FasterAppTimes ThumbThe Faster App Times proved the business (and sanity!) case for test, visibility and control tools in a single, performance changing, lab-quality solution.

To see for yourself how you can achieve faster application times for your users, take a look at the presentations made by experts from Apposite Technologies, Blue Coat, Network Instruments and Spirent Axon on the day.

In just a few minutes you will have the information you need to start putting yourself in control of the increasingly complex traffic that runs over our networks today and to paraphrase Blue Coat: “Give your organisation the application performance it needs to make business success possible.”

What the experts have to say:

Apposite Technologies – WAN Emulation

Blue Coat – Packet Shaping

Network Instruments – Network Performance Management

Spirent Axon – Network Testing

Paul Wilson, Sales DirectorAdditionally, take a look at Open Reality’s own performance expert, Paul Wilson’s, presentation, outlining how used singularly or in combination, the technologies from these leading vendors will help you to understand exactly what’s happening on your network at any given time.

Paul also highlights how you can pre-empt the impact of known or unknown events to keep users and customers happy and your KPIs SLAs achieved – all of the time!

Faster App Times according to Paul Wilson, Open Reality


According to Paul Wilson: “Whilst there is no doubt that 10Gb makes network test, management and control far more complex, even for the high number of organisation with no plans to increase capacity, the nature of traffic has and is continuing to change and it needs to be managed.”

Additionally, Ian Cummins of Network Instruments talks about voice and unified communications as being the greatest justifiers of network performance management. “There is no mistaking the impact that latency and packet loss has on end-users!”

The general conclusion from the Faster App Times event is that you need to:

Know who is doing what and when on your network.

– Understand the impact of these users.

– Identify and categorise traffic and user activities.

– Capacity needs to be partitioned and reserved.

– Test, monitor and control your network and applications for success (not the other way round!)

– Have the ability and knowledge needed to keep your users happy, customers buying and the boardroom with no need to do anything, but leave you alone to do what you do best – delivering Faster App Times!

Open Reality can help you achieve success with all of this.

50% of the attending businesses have rolled out a 10GB network.

High interest in:

– Voice quality

– Emulation over production networks below 10Gb

– Forensics – triggers and alarms and retrospective network analysis

– Latency versus bandwidth

– Application performance

– Visibility over mixed networks

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