VIAVI Introduces SaaS-Based Network Performance Monitoring for Enterprises

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By | 13/02/2018

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VIAVI Introduces SaaS-Based Network Performance Monitoring for Enterprises

The new ObserverLIVE service supports the enterprise IT transition to the cloud

VIAVI Solutions has today launched ObserverLIVE, an active performance monitoring service. The move significantly enhances their Observer network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) portfolio with a cloud-enabled, subscription-based service that can be precisely tailored and adapted to dynamic usage models.

The release is well timed as enterprises worldwide are embracing cloud services. In the VIAVI State of the Network survey, approximately 80 percent of respondents said they would be using public or private cloud in 2018, and over half said they would have the majority of their applications in the cloud. In parallel, employees are becoming increasingly mobile — according to, studies show that they are not at their desks over half of the time they are working. This any-to-any networking model leads to loss of visibility and control, increasing IT teams’ challenges in tracking end user experience and SLA enforcement.

The new ObserverLIVE service actively assesses end user experience in hybrid environments, to ensure users can effectively access and utilize core business applications. ObserverLIVE virtual agents are available to validate critical business application performance globally, supporting the geographic needs of Fortune 1000 enterprises worldwide.

ObserverLIVE tests include:

  • Service responsiveness – monitors availability and end user response times for on-premise and SaaS applications
  • Network performance ­– standards-based testing of network connections, yielding key performance indicators and performance baselines
  • VoIP quality – assesses the quality and consistency of VoIP traffic delivered across public or private end-to-end connections
  • Troubleshooting ­– deployed to end users’ systems on demand to investigate and help resolve performance problems.

“The migration of applications to the cloud is forcing IT operations teams to evolve their performance monitoring solutions. Our research has shown that synthetic transaction-based monitoring from products like ObserverLIVE, when combined with packet-based monitoring solutions, can give organizations comprehensive insight into end-user experience regardless of where the application is hosted or the user resides,” said Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Management Associates.

See ObserverLIVE in Action

Wednesday 28th February 16:00 – 17:00 GMT

In this webinar you will receive a walk-through of the all-new ObserverLIVE network performance monitoring environment. Find out how to deploy ObserverLIVE agents, anywhere, anytime, to monitor performance where you can’t. Tap into cloud agents around the world to easily spot problems that have left you in the dark.

Register now and learn how to:

  • Gain real-time visibility and manage user experience in cloud applications
  • Effectively troubleshoot remote user issues
  • Ensure a comprehensive network monitoring strategy
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