NG Bailey IT Services Reaffirm Commitment to Ekahau for Wireless Site Surveys

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By | 22/06/2017


NG Bailey IT Services Reaffirm Commitment to Ekahau for Wireless Site Surveys

Indi Singh SallWe recently sat down with Indi Singh Sall, Solutions Director at NG Bailey IT Services to ask him why they use Ekahau Site Survey and how it helps them deliver their wireless services.

Hi Indi, thanks for talking to us. Could you start with giving us a little background about yourself?

Before joining NG Bailey I was a partner in a business called S2S that was primarily focussed on security and networking solutions. NG Bailey IT Services acquired the business about 10 years ago as part of a strategic approach into intelligent buildings. I remained with the business as the Solutions Director, so now I’m responsible for looking at new solutions, and bringing them to market with the help of the wider team.

How long have NG Bailey IT Services been using Ekahau software?

We’ve always known about Ekahau but we’ve been using the product for about five years, but only in the last two years we have started using the product across the wider parts of the business, the key reason for this is we are seeing a significant increase for wireless solutions across our existing and new customers.

What do you think has led to that demand?

Customers are driving a shift towards digitalisation and operating their services and products through mobile applications. This drive on mobility has created the need to install more wireless technology, across all different sectors from commercial buildings to transportation. Therefore, we are experiencing a huge demand in the requirement for surveys prior to installation, simply because of the scale and complexity of the projects.

What other site survey software have you tried?

We have seen a number of vendors provide a cut-down version of wireless survey software, but they do not provide the detailed level required. They are limited to producing a high-level budgetary quotation, but have limited capability for advanced surveys which are required on complex projects.

Our customers really expect a detailed survey and design which ensures that there is coverage in all parts of the building. In order to provide comprehensive solutions we use Ekahau as part of our toolkit.

You’ve sent lots of your engineers onto the Ekahau certified training course. Why is that?

Yes that’s right, our engineer training is something we are very proud of.

One of the most important things for us is our credibility in the market. Customers expect that when we send engineers out, we are sending qualified individuals. This is why our policy is getting it right first time. To do this we have to send an engineer with the right qualifications, the right tools, and the right competency level to get the job done.

As Ekahau is a key tool for us we sent our engineers on the official course to ensure they were fully qualified use the software. This improves the level of service we provide to our customers and reduces the wireless design risk.

So what do your engineers think of the software, do they like using it?

Yes, very much so. Once the team started to use the software and understood what it was capable of they really bought into it. They have been sharing knowledge internally to build up a deeper understanding and now they are very comfortable producing complex surveys.

Will Ekahau continue to play a big part in your business moving forward?

Yes absolutely, it’s one of our core design tools and the engineers are very comfortable with the product. It is our go-to solution for whenever we need to do a wireless site survey.

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