Does Your Wi-Fi Guarantee First Class Connectivity for BYOD Students?

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By | 02/07/2014

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Does Your Wi-Fi Guarantee First Class Connectivity for BYOD Students?

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Students and lecturers expect to have around the clock access to the internet, wherever and whenever they are on campus.

If you can answer “yes” to any of the questions below, your network could be failing to provide your users with the access and tools they need to meet their exam targets.

  • Do your students and lecturers have guaranteed wireless access across all campuses?
  • Is growth of BYOD devices in lecture theatres, seminar rooms and libraries outclassing wireless capacity?
  • Can your wireless infrastructure support heavy user environments including halls and student leisure facilities?
  • Can your Wi-Fi support emerging digital learning resources including digital textbooks, collaborative study areas, video-on-demand and cloud-hosted applications and services?
  • Can your wireless support growth in online assessment and coursework submissions, set to become standard?
  • Does your building infrastructure include older buildings and / or disparate sites that make cost and logistics of complete wireless coverage seemingly prohibitive?
  • Are you struggling to manage and maintain the growing challenges of demanding user expectations without adequate IT personnel?

We know that if the above issues are not addressed, students and lecturers will be frustrated by their user experience.

Our Wi-Fi network specialists have used Ekahau Site Survey to provide many of the top universities in the UK with the visibility they need to make Wi-Fi work well for users, whether studying or at leisure.

They are happy to share their experiences and to demonstrate how advanced Wi-Fi could help your users experience the Wi-Fi experience they expect, around the clock and wherever they are on the university’s premises.

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