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Introducing Ekahau Analyzer: The Most Powerful Wi-Fi Validation & Troubleshooting Tool On The Market

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By | 07/02/2020


Introducing Ekahau Analyzer: The Most Powerful Wi-Fi Validation & Troubleshooting Tool On The Market

Ekahau Analyzer Blog Featured ImageEkahau has been hard at work on the future of Wi-Fi validation and troubleshooting. Today they announced the latest and greatest tool in the market — Ekahau Analyzer — and it’s available to you on the device in your pocket. Why you need Analyzer right now:

  • It reduces the complexity of troubleshooting and validation, enabling a quick resolution of Wi-Fi related issues.
  • It enables onsite staff to quickly identify potential Wi-Fi concerns and relay valuable information back to more experienced engineers who may be in a different physical location.
  • It’s intuitive and easy to use; you can be up and running in less than 60 seconds.

What is a spectrum analyzer?

Time is precious and every second counts when troubleshooting your wireless network. Network downtime equals lost business and lost revenue. Spectrum analyzers are most commonly used in the troubleshooting process. They record and measure the strength (power/energy) of both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi traffic that exist in your network environment. This allows you to quickly identify potential interferers such as wireless cameras, microwave ovens or other wireless devices. In addition, spectrum analyzers can show the channel of the measured traffic — allowing you to optimize which network channels you’re using to enable peak performance.

How is the Ekahau Analyzer different?

Analyzer is the most accurate spectrum analyzer available on the market. It utilizes the Ekahau Sidekick’s high resolution spectrum measurement capabilities. Its simple interface provides a quick and easy-to-understand pass/fail indication of your Wi-Fi network quality, identifying network problems based on predefined industry standard requirements. These predefined requirements are the most common network issues, such as channel utilization and co-channel interference. This significantly reduces the complexity of Wi-Fi troubleshooting and validation enabling you to take corrective actions more quickly.

How do I get started?

Analyzer is included with Ekahau Connect at no additional cost. All you need is an iPhone or iPad (iOS version 12 or higher) and the Ekahau Sidekick to start your war against weak signals and sneaky interference. You don’t need a project or even floor plans to get going. Just jump into your best seek-and-destroy outfit, open the Analyzer app to find out why your Wi-Fi is being cranky, and start blasting those Wi-Fi interferers right out of your network. Remember, green is good, red is bad.

Pretty cool right? Is your trigger finger itching already? Download Ekahau Analyzer from the App Store and start blasting bad Wi-Fi into oblivion!

Matt Starling from Wi-Fi Ninjas has already released a quick video of the Ekahau Analyzer interface.

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