Ekahau Revolutionizes Wi-Fi Surveying, Again.


By | 22/11/2019


Ekahau Revolutionizes Wi-Fi Surveying, Again.

It’s fair to say that 2019 has been a fantastic year for Ekahau. In April they released the highly successful Ekahau Connect product suite. The knockout feature of Connect was Ekahau Survey for iPad. The name pretty much explains what it is – the best parts of the Ekahau Pro survey functionality packed into a blazing-fast iPad app. Thanks to the Ekahau Sidekick taking on the job of taking measurements (using its 2x dual-band high performance Wi-Fi adapters and dual-band high end spectrum analyzer), Ekahau were able to unlock a new way of surveying without the need to carry a heavy laptop around.

However the R&D team at Ekahau weren’t happy with that, so yesterday they launched Ekahau Survey for iPhone. This even lighter method of surveying uses a different UI from the iPad specially designed to fit the smaller screen of the iPhone but contains all the same features. Ekahau recommend using an iPhone 11 Pro but support is included all the way down to iPhone 6s / iPhone SE. Whilst using an iPhone to survey is great because you’ve now got a hand free to open doors, grab support rails, etc. while still continuously performing the site survey, it’s not even the most exciting thing about this release.


Autopilot Survey

The oustanding new feature released yesterday which takes the productivity and ease of use of Wi-Fi surveys to a whole new level is Autopilot Survey. Autopilot Survey uses the iPhone/iPad to continuously track the user’s location and synchronizes this with the survey measurements. This gives the surveyor full freedom of movement, so survey routes don’t need to be planned in advance and changes in survey route or in walking speed do not impact the accuracy of the measurements.

Because Autopilot automatically tracks your location a survey with Autopilot enabled has up to 79% less route clicks, enabling the surveyor to be more aware of his/her surroundings providing an important safety benefit. It also enables a faster walking speed and — especially in environments with lots of doors to open — as you can freely enter and exit rooms without continuously interrupting the survey. As a result of these improvements Autopilot Survey is substantially faster (up to 33%) than traditional Wi-Fi survey methods and reduces site survey costs by an astonishing 50%.


The Ekahau Survey 1.2 release for iPhone and iPad is free for all users with an Ekahau Connect subscription and can be downloaded now from the App Store.

Ekahau Pro v.10.1.0

Alongside the release of Survey for iPhone Ekahau have also published a new version of Ekahau Pro. Key features include:

  • Map Cropping and Rotation
  • Secondary & Tertiary Coverage
  • Improved Radio Dialog
  • Multi-Radio Edit
  • Channel Planner can turn OFF 2.4GHz radios
  • Updated CAD support

Full release notes are available here.

There’s also a bonus Beta feature in v.10.1.0 which automatically draws walls onto bitmap floor plans.

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