Ekahau ESS – “Best Live Wi-Fi Surveying Tool.” – According to Cisco


By | 12/03/2015


Ekahau ESS – “Best Live Wi-Fi Surveying Tool.” – According to Cisco

Cisco ThumbAccording to a recent post on the Cisco blog, Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) is used by hundreds of Cisco engineers and thousands of Cisco network administrators to design, verify, troubleshoot and expand Wi-Fi networks for its customers.

These Cisco engineers and network admins report that Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) is a robust, yet simple to use software tool for Wi-Fi network planning and administration.

Quickest to use, unbeatable planning accuracy.

Jim Florwick, Cisco

Best live surveying tool.

Bruce Alexander, Cisco

They are using ESS to plan the best Wi-Fi – fast

ESS is used to do predictive surveys, active surveys, passive surveys, you name it, giving users a ground-level view of coverage and performance enabling them to quickly and easily create, improve and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks.

To make Wi-Fi planning even easier, ESS integrates fully with WCS / NCS and incorporates the latest Cisco Access Points and Antennas for Cisco specific network design and troubleshooting.

ESS also features a Location Services / RTLS analysis capability to show how your network will perform for location-based / RTLS services.

As a result of all these performance advantages, Cisco engineers and administrators say it’s a great complementary tool to use together with NCS/WCS, CleanAir and the Cisco Unified 802.11ac Wireless Network.

The Highlights

  • Predictive surveys and validation surveys
  • Wi-FI capacity planning
  • Troubleshoot and optimise Wi-Fi
  • Used by thousands of Cisco engineers and customers
  • Integrates with NCS Prime

Maximum Result. Minimum Effort

Unlike the other tools out there, ESS is completely 3D, meaning you will get an optimal multi-floor network and maximise the coverage while minimising the interference and cost. When it’s time to verify the network operation on-site, ESS supports active and passive site surveys.

Additionally, based on your requirements, whether voice, data, RTLS or medical-grade, the Ekahau Site Survey network planner will suggest where to place access points and how to configure them.

This all minimises your on-site time and walking effort during validation.

ESS is the only Cisco partner tool to feature 3D network planning for coverage and capacity

ESS integrates with Ekahau Mobile Survey, the Android-based verification, troubleshooting and monitoring tool for tablets and smartphones. Mobile Survey can be bought separately, but it’s also included in Ekahau Site Survey Premium Pack.

According to Cisco engineers and network administrators:

“Ekahau Site Survey is the best live Wi-Fi surveying tool there is.”

“Whether planning or verifying, ESS provides unbeatable analysis tools for easily viewing network performance and optimising it.”

Why not share the success hundreds of Cisco engineers and thousands of Cisco network administrators are having using Ekahau Site Survey to get the best possible Wi-Fi performance?

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