Citrix NetScaler: Sshhhh, it’s a secret!

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By | 23/11/2015

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Citrix NetScaler: Sshhhh, it’s a secret!

Citrix_Netscaler_Open_RealityCitrix Netscaler is the world’s most advanced cloud network platform and it’s a bit of a secret … but it really shouldn’t be … it’s a secret because it does too much!

Citrix NetScaler is an application load balancer for Citrix and for Web Applications, and its also an intelligent application firewall that can stop sensitive information leaving the business, and offloads SSL traffic to speed up web applications. Put simply it’s a Swiss army knife for your network and can consolidate your gateway appliances into one, saving you time and money.

Citrix Netscaler is the industry’s leading web application delivery solution and maximizes the performance and availability of all applications and data. As an IT professional, responsible for ensuring the delivery of applications and data to your workforce, you should make Citrix Netscaler your right hand man. If you haven’t invested yet, why not?! A Citrix NetScaler ensures best performance and reliability and it will optimise your network performance, resulting in happy users and better business.

Optimise, Secure, Scale, Control and Deliver

Citrix NetScaler can be your eyes and ears. It delivers and ensures global server load balancing (GSLB), application security and an easy-to-use policy framework for straightforward deployment. It works in single point or global environments to optimise, secure and control the delivery of enterprise and cloud services, while ensuring your end users experience is the best that it can be.

Users of Citrix NetScaler have access to detailed analysis of key performance indicators including basic functions, user behaviour and server performance. By isolating the user and server-side performance you can easily identify failures, monitor traffic and allocate resources.

Aren’t we clever?! OK, accuse us of blowing our own trumpet if you will, but BrightCloud and Open Reality think we are very clever to offer Citrix Netscaler as part of our product portfolio. Talk to us today about incorporating it as part of your IT infrastructure either as a box or a managed service.

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