Citrix Netscaler

Citrix Netscaler

Industry leading application security, acceleration and load balancing

Citrix NetScaler is deployed in networks worldwide to optimise, secure and control the delivery of enterprise and cloud services, with the best user experience.

Key Business Advantages

Ensure application availability and responsiveness

NetScaler ADC load balances server workloads across multiple resources, monitors server health and responsiveness, and distributes traffic across multiple sites and clouds for disaster recovery.

Optimise application performance and improve user experience

Compression, caching and server offload capabilities improve application performance by:

  • Offloading SSL/TLS encryption and decryption from servers
  • Reducing server requests through connection multiplexing
  • Caching content on the appliance
  • Compressing data transmitted on the network
  • Optimising web content on 4G and LTE networks
  • Providing network analytics to troubleshoot user experience issues

Secure remote access to applications and data

Single sign-on capabilities and multi-factor authentication help ensure security for all applications and data. NetScaler ADC integrates with XenApp and XenDesktop seamlessly to provide secure remote access while centralising access policies.

Protect web applications and servers from common threats and attacks

NetScaler ADC recognises attacks based on signatures or learned patterns, protects against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, provides ratings for web site threats and safety, and enables PCI DSS compliance.

Automate application network services across software-defined networks

Leading the market in software-defined networks and orchestration services, NetScaler ADC:

  • Automates the provisioning of network services for applications
  • Integrates with emerging SDN technologies
  • Provides API driven callout functionality
  • Simplifies network design with application centric policies

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