Check your wireless network health for Skype for Business

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By | 22/08/2016

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Check your wireless network health for Skype for Business

Ekahau Skype Network Health

It’s about to get even easier to troubleshoot wireless issues with Skype for Business thanks to Ekahau Site Survey. The next minor update (which is expected to be released in a matter of weeks) will feature a new ‘requirement’ within the Network Health screen which holds the recommended wireless requirements for Skype for Business to run properly.

This means you will be able to conduct a wireless survey and then quickly apply the Skype for Business requirement to see the network health in a simple ‘pass’ or ‘fail’.

To get more information you can then switch to the Network Issues screen to see which of the core metrics have failed, and where they failed. As you can see in our example, there are huge problems with Channel Overlap and Signal Strength that need to be resolved before anybody gets a good experience!

Send us an email to let us know what other applications would you like to see added.

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