Can you provide security without affecting performance?

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By | 28/06/2016

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Can you provide security without affecting performance?

AccelerateEncryptedApplications ThumbWe have all found another way to accomplish something that is difficult or takes a long time to do in our working lives. Sadly this truth also applies to secure systems that are slow or difficult to use. A portion of your employees will simply just find another way of doing it and circumvent your security measures.

Obviously this undermines the whole security programme and breaks your compliance policies, whilst opening up vulnerabilities internally and allowing data to spread externally without any control. The growth in ‘Shadow IT’ perfectly demonstrates that there are users who are just getting on with their jobs despite IT departments’ best efforts to coral them into corporate applications.

Open, manage and accelerate SSL encrypted applications

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You don’t need to sacrifice security for performance

We believe the golden rule is that whatever you deploy has to be easy to use, functional, available and responsive. “Secure and optimise” has long been the mantra at Blue Coat and certainly here at Open Reality. It’s all about making secure application performance great because we know that happy users make better business.

That is why we highly recommend the Blue Coat MACH5 as it provides power, flexibility, and speed in a single WAN optimisation appliance. With the help of Blue Coat MACH5 technology, IT can once again gain control over their WAN links, accelerating the good and denying the bad, regardless of SSL encryption. No matter how your users reach their critical applications, Blue Coat’s MACH5 can help: inbound to your own server farm, outbound to third-party service providers, SSL tunnelled or in the clear, MACH5 accelerates and secures your business data. Blue Coat’s appliances do all of this in a way that acknowledges that the balance of performance, security and privacy will be different for each organisation, and empowers IT to translate written business policy into a deliverable quality of service pledge.

So by all means add as many layers of security as you can but don’t do this without gaining visibility of your application performance and putting procedures and tools in place to optimise this performance.

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