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With Blue Coat MACH5

Enterprise users and their data have never been further apart. Business pressures that keep employees out of headquarters and close to customers and partners have met head-on with other drivers that are bringing far flung servers back to the data centre. Server consolidation for cost and compliance, along with outsourced business services over untrusted public networks, are compelling to business looking to simply operations and cut costs.

Organisations Becoming Dependant on SSL Tunnelled Services

Real-time encryption has become a common practice for critical business processes. To ensure continued privacy, security and regulatory compliance, organisations are becoming more and more dependant on encryption to protect information on the move.

However, this creates a special challenge, as the purpose of SSL is to make traffic secure from all inspection, snooping and tampering. Ironically, that makes it exceedingly difficult for organisations to manage their own SSL-tunnelled applications. Worse, their own applications are not the only ones exploiting SSL’s privacy; spyware, peer-to-peer file trading and other undesirable traffic has flocked to SSL, as IT departments are forced to allow all SSL traffic, or none, across their networks.

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