Arista Launches Their First Wi-Fi 6 Access Point

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By | 07/06/2019


Arista Launches Their First Wi-Fi 6 Access Point

Arista C-250 Access Point Blog Featured imageArista has announced the launch of their first Wi-Fi 6 access point. The new C-250 access point supports the full 802.11ax standard including 8×8 MU-MIMO, uplink OFDMA & MU-MIMO.

As with other Arista enterprise access points, it also includes a 2×2 dual band third radio. With the main use cases of Wi-Fi 6 being higher bandwidth video, and many more simultaneous users, the third radio will prove to be essential. Along with a variety of other data sources, the third radio provides a continuous stream of telemetry data into Arista’s Cognitive Wi-Fi architecture where the power of cloud is harnessed to apply machine learning and cognitive intelligence.

CloudVision WiFi delivers real-time insight into the Wi-Fi client journey, including the health of the network services and the user’s ability to connect. With CloudVision WiFi, Arista is delivering a modern and technologically advanced controller-less Wi-Fi solution to its customers.

The C-250 Wi-Fi 6 access point, and the associated cognitive EOS and CloudVision capabilities are in trials now with general availability expected in Q3 2019.

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