Tab inStore

Tab inStore


Mobile device management made simple.


Tab inStore is the easiest way to secure and remotely manage customer and employee tablets.

The intuitive Control Tower dashboard allows your marketing, HR and IT teams to remotely modify your corporate tablet content and settings including applications, wallpaper, standby time, Wi-Fi network, and brightness.

Fully GDPR compliant, kiosk mode enables the systematic deletion of users’ personal data after every session. Collect tablet usage data in real-time for detailed analysis and export via the Control Tower dashboard.



Tab inStore guarantees a secure and user-friendly environment for your public-facing tablets. End-users cannot access the settings or modify the tablet’s content and after each use all personal data is wiped clean.

Use Tab inStore to power:

  • Self-ordering kiosks
  • Interactive maps and signage
  • Entertainment hubs
  • Customer surveys
  • Custom applications


Tab inStore simplifies and standardises employee communication across your branches.

Use Tab inStore to power:

  • Important employee communications
  • Employee literature libraries (e.g. policies and procedures)
  • Employee training
  • Stock management
  • Delivery of corporate apps

Corporate & Enterprise

Total needed to reinvent the way they engaged with their 2,500 petrol stations in France. They chose Tab inStore to roll-out tablets packed with the relevant applications to create an effective communication channel between the headquarters and their subsidiaries. Powered by various apps ranging from tech support to training and product management, it’s a whole new way of working. Digital, flexible, and cost-effective.



Department stores, fashion retail, specialty stores: retail is our playground. We have been working hand-in-hand with retail leaders since 2009 to create outstanding shopping experiences and deliver store performance through digital innovation. Our solutions are highly customizable but cost-effective.


McDonald’s has been innovating restaurant technology for years, bringing free Wi-Fi to all their restaurants for more than a decade. In their ever-lasting endeavour to improve the customer experience, McDonald’s chose Tab inStore to provide a new kind of digital entertainment. Customer-facing tablets are now available in hundreds of restaurants worldwide, bringing instant connectivity, games, and news to their customers. It’s a powerful channel to display special deals and brand content.


Increase Sales

A field study carried out by McDonald’s showed that the tablet increase the time spent in restaurants and traffic at off-peak times, leading to a 5% increase in turnover with additional sales.

Build Customer Loyalty

The tablet’s entertainment content (games, news, applications) helps to build customer loyalty and attract a new type of customer.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Survey your customers in-store for instant feedback and operational insights on quality of service, cleanliness, layout etc.


Secure your tablets

Lock the content and settings of your public-facing tablets and ensure the deletion of personal data after each use.

Metrics and data-mining

Gather real-time analytics about your tablets for analysis in Control Tower.

Easy device management

Real-time visibility and full remote control allows you to effectively roll-out and manage your tablets from anywhere, anytime.

Customisable Content

Distribute and manage access to up-to-date corporate resources and in-house and third-party apps.

User-friendly dashboard

The intuitive management interface allows marketing and HR teams to manage the tablets without the need for IT support.

All-inclusive package

If you don’t feel like dealing with the hardware and on-site installation our project managers can do it for you.


The all-in-one dashboard for content management, monitoring and analytics of your mobile fleet.

Dashboard & Analytics

filter statistics by date and point of sale; number of user sessions per day; most used applications; most visited websites. If social login is activated on the tablets, you can also access demographic data such as age, gender, and country of origin.

Content Management

Change tablet configuration(s); change tablet settings (sound, wi-fi, etc.); play videos or images; add or remove applications on the tablet.

Tablet Maintenance

Tablet status; remote update; tablet network status; battery status; GPS location; battery life.


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