Smart Wifi

Smart Wifi


Next-generation Wi-Fi in the cloud.


Smart Wifi is a cloud-based solution that helps brands engage with, and learn more about, their Wi-Fi users.

Customise the user journey with modern landing pages and the authentication mode/s of your choice. Capture demographic and location data to really understand your users, and their interests and habits. Leverage this data to increase sales through targeted coupons, loyalty programs & newsletters.

Smart Wifi is a cloud-based solution so the number of simultaneous connections is only limited by your hardware, making it perfect for high density deployments.

Corporate & Enterprise

Leverage the power of Smart Wifi to increase the security and ease-of-use of your guest and employee Wi-Fi networks. Smart Wifi seamlessly integrates with your existing IT infrastructure.

CorporateRetailHospitalitySmart Cities


From shopping malls, to department stores and boutique fashion outlets; retail is our playground. We have been working hand-in-hand with retail leaders since 2009 to create outstanding shopping experiences and increase store performance through digital innovation. Smart Wifi is highly cost-effective and customizable to the story you want to tell.


Weblib has been designing new experiences for the hospitality industry for more than 10 years. We help international brands such as airports, stadiums, hotels and theme parks redefine the customer journey in an ever-changing landscape. We understand your needs and harness Smart Wifi to bring your ideas to life – and delight your customers.

Smart Cities

Smart Wifi uses next-generation technology to connect public spaces such as high streets, parks and markets. Improve convenience and quality of life for residents and visitors with real-time public information and internet connectivity.


Easily visualise your data in the Control Tower dashboard to discover new insights. Choose from an array of filters such as gender, login type and age to understand how often different segments return to your stores, how they move around, and how they use your Wi-Fi.

Export your data or seamlessly integrate it into your CRM to optimise your marketing operations and merchandising.

Cloud Solution
Easy to deploy. No Hardware. 100% secure.

Multiple Authentication Modes
Use social logins, forms, SMS, and more.

GDPR Compliant
Smart Wifi is GDPR-ready. Add your own opt-in marketing to keep in touch with your users.

Easy Advertising
Our marketing studio makes it easy to push targeted content to each user.


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