EnGenius Cloud

EnGenius Cloud

EnGenius Cloud’s robust and advanced cloud computing infrastructure helps you work smart on your network with important analytics and visualization.

Visualize Your Networks with AI-Driven Cloud

EnGenius Cloud offers professional features for Managed Service Providers to have more flexibility in adopting different scenarios of business. Generate scheduled network reports, enable in-depth monitoring and configuration, and manage user privileges with granular control and advanced security.

Scheduled Reports

Granular Control

In-depth Perspective

Wireless Security


Customize and Schedule Network Reports In Minutes

For MSP to provide regular reports to customers and MIS to continuously track network status, Scheduling Report allows users to generate reports regularly and email to designated persons with customized content, including logo, sender, and selected dashboards.

Easy Cloud Authentication and Voucher Services

Use EnGenius Cloud to authenticate client access to the network without the time-consuming and costly of deploying an on-premise server. The voucher service is also available to provide users with pre-defined access profiles that help you manage the guest Wi-Fi conveniently.

User-based VLAN to Keep Your Access Privilege within Network

Each client can be assigned to a VLAN to access different network resources even under the same SSID and remain the same VLAN across the network, regardless of the SSID is associated. For example, faculty and students accessing the same SSID will be assigned to different VLANs.

Each User Has a Unique PSK to Access Same Wi-Fi Network

When accessing the same SSID, each tenant will have a unique PSK and be associated with different VLAN tags based on the privilege. In the case of dormitory Wi-Fi management, when a user’s unique myPSK is expired along with his stay, he will no longer be able to access the Wi-Fi network.

Discover Potential Connection Problems with Client Timeline

Pull up an entire history of the client device to trace back the time and behaviour when a network problem may have originated.

Automatic Partitioning of a Broadcast Domain to Avoid Broadcast Flooding

To prevent broadcast traffic from flooding the network, Access Point will randomly assign a VLAN from a pool of user-defined VLANs to each client associated with it, thereby automatically separating the broadcast traffic of clients into multiple VLANs.

Optimize Broadcast and Multicast Traffic for Wi-Fi Networks

When a broadcast or multicast packet floods the subnet, a broadcast storm will reduce network performance. Broadcast and multicast suppression can reduce the number of traffic sending from wired networks to wireless networks.

Monitor Whole Network Topology with 3rd-Party Devices

Besides EnGenius Switch and AP to be viewed in the Topology, it is easy to have a holistic view of the Networking with the advanced Topology to discover the 3rd party devices with the information of device name, capability, vendor, and IP address of them.

AirGuard™ WIPS/WIDS to Secure Your WLAN

AirGuard™ is an intelligent wireless security system built in to the EnGenius Cloud security AP to protect the airspace from rogue devices and wireless threats with dedicated scanning radios.

Spectrum Analysis While Maintaining Performance

The security AP can perform real-time spectrum analysis of its environment with dedicated radio scanning without decreasing performance.

Zero-Wait DFS to avoid disrupting client connections

The dedicated radio continuously scan all DFS channels in the background and maintain a list of available DFS channels—preventing client devices from being temporarily

Empower Networking with the EnGenius Cloud PRO features

Every device gets the first year of PRO features for FREE!


EnGenius Cloud Managed Access Points

This AI-driven cloud solution is designed to increase wireless networking efficiency and reduce operating costs for small and medium-sized businesses.

EnGenius Cloud Managed Network Switches

Enterprise-class features for simplifying network configuration and monitoring at prices affordable to small and mid-sized businesses.

EnGenius SD-WAN Gateways

The EnGenius Cloud SD-WAN Gateway Series delivers more simplicity and security to business networks by providing the IT team with an effortless setup, enterprise-level security, and an end-to-end Cloud-managed network solution.

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