Ekahau Survey

Ekahau Survey

Ekahau Survey

Professional Wi-Fi site survey app for iOS and Android, for use with Sidekick 2.

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Intuitive Autopilot Site Surveys

Say goodbye to traditional surveys. Autopilot for iOS tracks your path capturing more data at more locations for the most accurate Wi-Fi site survey measurements.

Ultra Lightweight, Fast & Responsive

Conduct accurate Wi-Fi health checks with just the Sidekick and your phone or tablet. Ekahau Survey is up to 90% lighter and is way faster than using a laptop.

Powerful Survey Path Inspect Mode

View in-depth scan details on your survey path to analyze the spectrum and better understand your RF environment right from your phone or tablet.

Conduct Validation and Health Check Site Surveys Like Never Before

Connected to Sidekick, the Ekahau Survey mobile app provides the most intuitive, accurate and enjoyable way to survey wireless networks. The ease of use of Autopilot together with the advanced features in Inspect mode* will free you up to survey faster and more frequently so you always have access to up-to-date measurements.

Lightweight but Full of Features

Ekahau Survey is a full Wi-Fi survey app optimized for the lightweight mobile devices. By taking advantage of the Apple ARKit and LiDAR, Ekahau Survey delivers an enhanced user experience that will track, calibrate and learn your movements for the most accurate RF readings at every step—30 measurements per second to be more exact.

Autopilot Site Survey Mode

The Autopilot survey mode automatically tracks your location during a site survey providing full freedom of movement while surveying with only one hand. It automatically locates all nearby access points, places them on the map, and delivers an instant post-survey analysis with easy-to-read, beautiful, crystal-clear heatmaps.

Inspect Mode

Access details collected on your survey path directly on your iPhone or iPad. View all scan points to see heard radios, RSSI, SNR, and Channel values and even analyse the spectrum to better understand how your Wi-Fi is performing at every location.

Heatmap View Mode

View survey results with a collection of easy-to-understand heatmap visualizations for Signal Strength, Secondary Signal Strength, Channel Interference, Round-trip time and Noise. Customize your visualization options for color schemes and granularity settings and select specific floors and Network SSIDs to display.

Add Survey Notes and Document with Photo Evidence

Use the camera built into your iPhone or iPad to take photos of installed APs to include in your reports or to document obstacles or potential issues while you survey. Take notes on the go so you never miss a detail whether validating a new network or performing ongoing health checks.

Hours of Uninterrupted Surveying

Paired with Ekahau Sidekick 2, which houses an all-day dedicated rechargeable battery, you can keep surveying longer without needing to recharge.


Reduce Site Visits and Enable Remote Collaboration

Collaborate across teams and work concurrently on the same project to leverage onsite staff and remote Wi-Fi experts. Just walk the site with Sidekick and Survey to collect all the network health data needed. That’s it. Ekahau Cloud ensures your project is synced while Insights compiles summary statistics for your projects.

Technical Specifications

Wi-Fi Site Surveys

  • Perform 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax touch-operated site surveys
  • Autopilot Survey* with automated location tracking capability
  • Access points automatically located during survey
  • View all scan points and scan details on your survey path*
  • Annotate floor plans with text, photos, and drawings from iPhone’s & iPad’s built in camera

System Requirements (iOS)

  • Apple iPhone or iPad with iOS 13 or newer
  • Compatible models: iPhone 6s / iPhone SE or newer; 12.9-inch iPad Pro (all models); 11-inch iPad Pro; 9.7-inch iPad Pro; iPad (5th generation); iPad Air & iPad Air 2; iPad Mini 2 or newer models
  • Cable Requirements: Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter or Apple USB-C to USB Adapter

System Requirements (Android)

  • Android OS 9 or newer
  • Compatible models: 2 GB RAM, Quad Core CPU, 1080 x 1920 screen resolution
  • Cable Requirements: Android OTG (On the Go) cable connected directly to the Sidekick

Solution Requirements

  • Ekahau Sidekick
  • Ekahau Connect Subscription

*Autopilot Survey mode and Inspect mode currently available for iOS only.

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