Ekahau Insights

Ekahau Insights

Ekahau Insights

Wi-Fi performance analytics with automatic issue identification to improve network quality and minimize downtime.

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Instantly Boost Wi-Fi Performance & Security

Ekahau Optimizer automatically evaluates your unique network and provides instant and actionable step-by-step instructions for improving your Wi-Fi.

Full Visibility Across Your Global Wi-Fi Networks

Get a holistic view of key performance indicators, network inventory and survey actions across all the networks you design, survey, optimize, and troubleshoot with Ekahau.

Free Guest Link Project Sharing

Share guest links to project performance analytics and online heatmaps and collaborate for free without an Ekahau license.

Automated, Fast & Easy Wi-Fi Performance Analytics

Ensure your Wi-Fi performance is always meeting or exceeding your business requirements. Ekahau Insights gives you instant visibility into your global network performance health combining predictive design and survey data from multiple users at multiple sites. Get automated and easy-to-understand instructions for optimizing your network based on Sidekick 2 measured data and the power of Ekahau’s software. It’s like having instant access to your own personal Wi-Fi expert.

Optimize Your Network in Seconds with Ekahau Optimizer

Just go for a walk with Sidekick 2 to uncover actionable insights that you can deploy today. Each recommended improvement walks you through an overview of the configuration and provides a simple, step-by-step guide to optimize your network. With Optimizer, problems that used to require mass amounts of time and expertise to identify are uncovered and addressed with lightning speed.

Feature Overview

Using the power of the Sidekick 2 and intelligence of AI Pro software, Optimizer evaluates your unique network and provides instant and actionable recommendations for improving your Wi-Fi. Follow the step-by-step instructions to deploy instant Wi-Fi optimizations.


Identify coverage gaps in your primary coverage requirements and see how Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) compares across each of your floorplans.


Unlock easy performance enhancements based on your networks Minimum Basic Rates (MBR), SSID Configuration, and Channel Width configurations.


Verify the health of your Secondary Coverage to ensure you have great roaming between APs and redundancy in the event an AP has a failure.


Ensure your network is up to date with security and encryption best practices and utilize rogue interference detection to identify and remove potential threats.


Utilize the spectrum analyzer built into Sidekick 2 to optimize your channel plan for the highest performance alongside neighboring networks.

Simplified Project File Management & Organization

Whether you’re the owner of a global, multi-site network or you’re a systems integrator managing multiple networks for your customers, Insights’ tagging capability simplifies project file management by making it easy to organize, search, filter and find what you’re looking for.

Seamless Sharing with Heatmap Cloud Viewer

With Insights, sharing project heatmaps with non-Ekahau users is easy. The built-in heatmap cloud viewer enables anyone with access to a guest link to see heatmap visualizations right from their web browser. No licenses or logins required. Share survey results with customers or team members without having to generate custom reports.

Pairs Perfectly with Existing Management Systems

While network hardware manufacturer management systems provide an inside-out view of the accessibility of switches and Access Points, Ekahau Insights gives you a real-world view of Wi-Fi quality and performance at the client level. The combined view gives you a clear picture of your network health and makes it easy to troubleshoot and diagnose issues fast.

Global Network Insights

Search and Sort Projects

Filter and find projects by site location, tags, and last survey activity date.

Rank Projects by Network Health

Get an instant breakdown of Wi-Fi performance with network health scoring.

Network Inventory Overview

Get a complete breakdown of APs in use, their technology generations, and where they are located.

Survey Events Statistics

Access a full list of survey events, time invested and distances covered to ensure you have regular surveys across all sites.

Project-Specific Insights

Automated Analysis

View how your network performance compares to your requirements by site, floor and area within a floor.

Heatmap Viewer

Review heatmaps and visualizations for primary and secondary signal strength, channel interference, network health, network issues and signal to noise ratio.

Project and Results Sharing

Allocate full access / write / read rights, transfer the ownership of project files, and share private URL links to users without an Ekahau license.

Project Tagging

Use tags to easily organize and add context to your projects such as client names, site types, workflow state and more.

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