Ekahau Cloud

Ekahau Cloud

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Ekahau Cloud

Collaborate across teams and work concurrently on the same project to leverage onsite staff and remote Wi-Fi experts.

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Flexible Collaboration

Choose a collaboration method that works best for you and your customers and easily switch between offline and cloud modes.

Simple Project Sharing

Enjoy seamless collaboration between central office and field sites and make project sharing with your entire team simple and easy.

Multi-Person Workflows

Multiple people in the field can now work concurrently on the same project while critical data can be quickly shared with Wi-Fi experts anywhere.


Stay Connected

Collaborate and remotely track the progress of multiple projects in near real-time from anywhere in the world.

Minimize Rework

Prevent costly rework with the help of automatic project synchronization which keeps your files synced across devices and the cloud and saves them on your iPad, Laptop and Ekahau Sidekick 2.


Get Organized

Centralized project repository makes it easy to locate project files and ensure that the latest version is always being used. Store up to 2500 projects and 50GB of project files.

Go Offline

Easily switch between cloud and offline modes when projects or customers require data to be stored offline.

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