cnPilot Access Points

cnPilot Access Points

cnPilot™ Access Points

High-capacity and fast installation in an affordable package

cnPilot e501ScnPilot e600

Indoor, outdoor, enterprise, and residential Wi-Fi network equipment and WLAN Solutions.

cnPilot 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi products with advanced management capabilities deliver high capacity and fast installation in an affordable package – to connect people, places and things. Cambium Networks offers secure, scalable, cloud-managed solutions for home, small business, and both indoor and outdoor enterprise local Wi-Fi network applications.

Each 802.11ac and 802.11n edge and enterprise Wi-Fi access point can be installed in new or existing wireless local area networks – even those from other network equipment manufacturers – and together with one-stop, intelligent remote diagnostics that ensure rapid deployment and simple operation, it’s never been easier to connect the unconnected.



Just pay for the access point. NO licencing, subscription, or recurring support costs!


High Performance

With a maximum capacity of 256 users across 16 SSIDs, cnPilot 802.11ac access points combine peak performance and affordable pricing.


Complete Coverage

Reach all areas with dual-band cnPilot indoor and outdoor access points.

Easy to Manage

Manage your unified wired/wireless network from one window with Cambium’s free cloud–management system, cnMaestro.



Maximize system uptime with a management system that monitors and manages the entire wireless network across multiple buildings or sites.



Indoor access points come with a 5-year and outdoor access points with a 3-year limited lifetime warranty.


Easy to Install

With cnPilot’s “zero-touch” configuration, high-speed access points can be rapidly installed to equip an entire building in significantly less time.


XV3-8 Product Image


The XE3-4 is a tri-radio Wi-Fi 6/6E 4×4/2×2 access point (AP) designed to deliver future-proof performance and value for building next generation networks. Wi-Fi 6 delivers faster and more efficient wireless network connections than previous generation Wi-Fi technologies.

XV3-8 Product Image


The XE5-8 is a five-radio Wi-Fi 6/6E 8×8/4×4 access point (AP) designed to deliver high-density, future-proof performance for building next generation wireless networks. With five user servicing radios, the XE5-8 delivers the highest density Wi-Fi 6 solution in the industry. Wi-Fi 6E support extends the capacity of Wi-Fi into the 6 GHz band, more than tripling the wireless spectrum available.

XV3-8 Product Image


The XV3-8 is a Wi-Fi 6 access point that includes seamless roaming, fast roaming, automatic RF optimization and interference avoidance to automatically optimize performance to specific local needs. This Software-Defined 8×8 Multi-Radio AP is equipped with dedicated scanning radio and BLE, WPA3 secure public access, Application Control and 802.3bz Ethernet optimized for high density deployments.



XV2-2 continues the enterprise network convergence with edge-intelligent AP managed by application-intelligent Cambium Networks XMS or cnMaestro™ management system. Choose the management system that best fits your business and use the latest technology from Cambium Networks.

cnPilot e600

cnPilot e600

The cnPilot e600 is a 802.11ac wave 2 access point supports seamless roaming for up to 2,048 clients with a capacity of 512 concurrent client associations and 16 SSIDs. The cnPilot e600 is ideal for applications that demand high-capacity, range, and/or high-user density.

cnPilot e600

cnPilot e410

The cnPilot e410 is a compact, low profile 802.11ac wave 2 access point perfect for schools, malls, hotels and resorts, coffee shops, and Multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

cnPilot e430H with stand

cnPilot e430H

The cnPilot e430 enterprise-class indoor wall plate access point supporting 802.11ac Wave 2 standards based beamforming, is perfect for hotels and resorts and multi-dwelling units (MDUs).


cnPilot e425H

The cnPilot e425H enterprise class indoor wall plate access point supporting 802.11ac Wave 2 standards based beamforming, is perfect for hotels and resorts, multi-dwelling units (MDUs) or just about any place indoor that needs a wall mounted AP with multiple Gig E ports to drive indoor Wi-Fi and wired port network access managed via portals.




The XV2-2T is a dual radio Wi-Fi 6 access point (AP) designed for outdoor deployments in Wi-Fi hotspots, outdoor enterprise networks, hospitality, and education markets. The XV2 2T features surge suppression up to 4kV and an LTE co-existence filter.

cnPilot e700

cnPilot e700

cnPilot e700 Enterprise Outdoor APs feature Gigabit throughput, 802.11ac Wave 2 standard with beam forming for superior outdoor Wi-Fi for enterprise campus, hospitality, higher education and public Wi-Fi applications.

cnPilot e501S

cnPilot e502S

The cnPilot e502S is an 802.11ac outdoor sector access point. The 30° sector antenna is perfect for high-density environments such as stadiums, events, and for narrow aisle coverage in warehouses.

cnPilot e501S

cnPilot e501S

The cnPilot e5021 is an 802.11ac outdoor sector access point. The 90°~120° sector antenna is perfect for high-density applications which require long range coverage across large areas. Use cases include university campuses, industrial complexes, hospitality complexes, public parks and recreational areas.

cnPilot e501S

cnPilot e500

The cnPilot e500 is an enterprise grade 802.11ac access point ideal for deploying outdoor coverage for enterprise campuses, public spaces, hotels, universities, and just about every other environment. The e500 features two Gigabit Ethernet ports and an aux PoE port which provides additional power for a backhaul radio, security camera, or other equipment.

cnPilot e505

cnPilot e505

The cnPilot e505 is a small form factor enterprise grade 802.11ac outdoor access point. With an omni antenna, small size and internal antennas, the e505 is ideal for public parks, hospitality venues, beach side or rural village Wi-Fi hotspots.

cnPilot e510

cnPilot e510

The cnPilot e510 is an enterprise grade 802.11ac access point ideal for deploying high-density outdoor Wi-Fi as a public access service, or as part of an extended enterprise network providing seamless roaming from indoor to outdoor without requiring controller interaction.

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