Arista Networks Guest Manager

Arista Networks Guest Manager


Engagement powered by analytics

With Arista Networks Guest Manager it’s easy to extend your secure, high-performance, Wi-Fi network to guests, customers and visitors. Deliver a personalized experience aligned with your business and marketing objectives to increase customer satisfaction, revenue growth and build brand loyalty.


For IT Teams

  • Easy to create guest portals with beautiful splash screens and access method
  • Reduced costs to deploy guest access; no servers to deploy, support, and manage
  • Guest isolation and controls with network segmentation, traffic shaping, and QoS Integrated dashboards to provide real-time visibility
  • Dashboards and troubleshooting tools for reduced time to resolution
  • PCI compliant Wi-Fi
  • Uncompromised security

For Business and Marketing leaders

  • Leverage Wi-Fi analytics to drive business outcomes, brand loyalty, and increased customer satisfaction
  • Quickly and easily create splash pages without knowledge or expertise around html
  • Provide personalized engagement and experience for your guests
  • Incorporate guest engagement into digital marketing and sales campaigns
  • Measure effectiveness of your marketing activities using analytics

For Customers

  • Wi-Fi that wows
  • Simple authorization and access using their favourite social media
  • Personalized experience, recognized as they return, for the products they like, and alerts for special promotions or discounts


Quick and Easy Captive Portal Creation

The Guest Wi-Fi experience starts with a beautiful splash page and a warm welcome to a returning guest or loyalty member and an invitation to join the network for new guests. Captive portal configuration is integrated within the Arista Cognitive WiFi dashboard making the creation of guest portals seamless and easy; including the creation of the SSID, network settings, splash page and optional plugins.

Arista Canvas

Multiple Authentication Methods

Configure your captive portal based upon your unique business and security requirements to serve up an authentication splash page using one or more of the following methods:

  • Social Media allows Wi-Fi users to authenticate using their login credentials for common social media channels.
  • Web Form allows login via a customizable web form where Wi-Fi users provide information such as name, birth date, email, phone, etc. This can be leveraged for signing up in-store users into a loyalty program.
  • Guestbook allows a lobby ambassador (e.g., receptionist, front desk, customer service) to provide username and password on demand to Wi-Fi users; the login credentials can also be emailed.
  • Payment Gateway allows free and payment based registration options for Wi-Fi users. Tiers can be created for various combinations by fee amount, duration and expiration.
  • SMS allows SMS-based authentication of Wi-Fi users. Wi-Fi users submit their mobile phone number on the splash page to receive a verification code on their phone via SMS which is used to access the network.
  • Click-through allows on-boarding of guest Wi-Fi users without authentication based upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for using the guest Wi-Fi access service.
  • RADIUS allows on-boarding of guests through the customer RADIUS system.
Arista Canvas Captive Portal on an iPhone

Intelligent Analytics

Cognitive WiFi provides both real-time and historical data analytics so that you can make the data-driven decisions needed for operational excellence and marketing effectiveness. Combined with Arista’s location-based management, the analytics can be dissected in the context of a particular location or across the entire deployment, and can be viewed for chosen time frames on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Wi-Fi analytics reports can be generated on demand or scheduled for automatic generation and archived or delivered by email.

Social analytics are available for users who opt in via social media login. Social media opt ins provide user demographics (e.g., age, gender) and details from the public profile (e.g., name, birth date, photo, email, location, friends / followers). Cognitive WiFi provides real-time and historical information for all Wi-Fi devices, including those that may not connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Answer questions like:

  • Which locations have the most traffic?
  • When are my locations busiest?
  • How many return visitors do I have, and how often do they visit?
  • How long do visitors stay?
  • What is the age and gender of my visitors?
  • What is my conversion rate? (how many of the detected Wi-Fi devices actually enter my store or zone)
Footfall by Duration
Footfall by Location
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