Arista 720X Series Cognitive Campus POE Leaf Switches

Arista 720X Series Cognitive Campus POE Leaf Switches


Cognitive Campus POE Leaf Switches

Designed for the demands of the interconnected IoT enabled campus, the 720XP series delivers wirespeed connectivity for all campus user workloads under the management and monitoring of Arista cognitive campus services. The suite of platforms offer a variety of connection options for user desktops, POE appliances and IoT devices.

Arista’s cornerstone EOS® combines cognitive campus network features and state of the art merchant silicon to deliver critical services that automate deployment, configuration, visibility troubleshooting and security. The Arista cognitive campus architecture encompasses spline, leaf and wireless infrastructure platforms, telemetry and analytics, and a single image EOS that supports an expanding feature set and partner ecosystem of solutions.


  • Providing options for 10M to 5G PoE copper PoE downlink and 25G SFP28 and 100G QSFP
  • Industry standard 802.1Q, VRFs and VXLAN/EVPN segmentation
  • Cognitive real time Flow Trackers for CloudVision, IPFIX and sFlow
  • Cognitive, cloud grade reliability, in service maintenance and upgrades
  • EOS programmability and cognitive management plane monitoring APIs


Support various user, IoT and uplink connections

  • 10-100M, 1G, 2.5 and 5 mGig with up to 60W 802.3bt
  • SFP and QSFP modules supporting 1, 10, 25, 40, 50 and 100G
  • Wire speed architecture
  • Compact, 1RU rack mountable. Only 12.5”/31.75cm deep

Campus optimized reliability and efficiency

  • N+1 cooling
  • Dual load sharing 650W and 1050W power supply options
  • Persistent POE on reboot
  • Priority power assignment
  • Less than 175W power for switching (excluding POE)

Arista EOS

  • Common OS for all Arista platforms
  • Field proven reliability
  • Fault Isolating, Self healing
  • In service updates
  • Smart System Upgrades
  • Extensive APIs

Cognitive Management Plane

  • Hardware based real time telemetry
  • Flowtracker monitors infrastructure, device, user and application flows
  • CVP, IPFIX and SFlow APIs
  • Inventorying and threat assessment capabilities
  • Application support from third parties
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