AccelTex Wi-Fi Enclosures

AccelTex Wi-Fi Enclosures

AccelTex Enclosures

Protect and secure your wireless products in any environment

AccelTex Enclosure Clear Door

AccelTex wireless enclosures protect your access points, antennas and PoE switches from damage, and secure your sensitive network connections. There is an extensive range of options to suit every eventuality, including NEMA-rated models that can be used in harsh environments such as warehouses, industrial environments and outdoors.

  • Pre-built for any AP or modem manufacturer
  • Variety of pre-drilled connector hole options
  • Custom integration capabilities
  • Solid or clear doors
  • Key or latch locks
  • NEMA protection for outdoor and other harsh environments
  • Innovative T-Bar and classic backplate design
  • Heated & Cooled PoE enclosure options
AccelTex Non Metallic Enclosure

Non-Metallic Enclosures

AccelTex InWall Enclosure

In-Wall/In-Ceiling Enclosures

AccelTex InGround Enclosure

In-Ground Enclosures

AccelTex Under Seat Enclosure

Under Seat Enclosures

AccelTex Ceiling Mount

Suspended Ceiling Tile Enclosures

AccelTex Heated PoE Enclosure

Heated PoE Enclosures

AccelTex Heated & Cooled PoE Enclosure

Heated & Cooled PoE Enclosures

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