Windows 10 is here. It’s better than ever, but are you ready to make the move?

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By | 28/07/2015

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Windows 10 is here. It’s better than ever, but are you ready to make the move?

Windows 10Windows 10 sees the return of the old school, albeit heavily tweaked, start button and the introduction of Microsoft Edge, an all new web browser designed to give users the best online experience from any device.

It is also fast, familiar and highly flexible. What more could you ask for in an operating system?

Windows 10 is familiar and easy to use

Windows 10 feels more modern and responsive than any previous Microsoft operating system and it’s smartly designed to work equally well on any device, from desktop to phone. The Snap and multi-monitor features are greatly improved and support for virtual desktops is built in to the operating system.


For improved mobility, the Live Tiles start menu includes touch-friendly icons, which will switch the device from a more conventional multi-windowed interface.

Bringing Windows 10 further up-to-date, the “All Programs” menu is now “All Apps”. Built-in Apps include Maps, Photos, Calendar, Music and Video, all good to have.


Start-up, hardware acceleration and general navigation is fast, remarkably quicker than Windows 7. For gamers, exclusive access to DirectX 12 promises to unlock more performance from existing hardware.

In addition to the Microsoft Edge browser, Windows 10 includes Explorer 11and introduces Cortana, your ever learning personal digital assistant, again designed to make life quicker and easier. As an OS, Windows 10 works well with all existing hardware and software investments.


Security is high throughout. For access control, in addition to fingerprint scanning, Windows 10 can use your face and iris too if your have a 3D / infra red camera.

Where, when and how should you release Windows 10 to your users?

Although on general release on 29th July 2015, Windows 10 will be delivered to devices in waves as a Windows update.

That said, we strongly advise that you ONLY upgrade corporate PCs to Windows 10 as part of a planned migration. This requires planning and smart provisioning.

To help with this, we have put together this advisory paper to help you establish if your business is ready for Windows 10 and then next, how you should deliver this to happy users.

Windows 10: Is Your Business Ready? is definitely worth reviewing before you make a positive leap into Windows 10.

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