What’s Causing Your Voice over IP (VoIP) Quality Issues?

Network Optimisation

By | 26/03/2014

Network Optimisation

What’s Causing Your Voice over IP (VoIP) Quality Issues?

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Despite the reliance we have on network services to deliver VoIP and other business critical applications, it remains staggering how few organisations actually test or validate for actual or possible issues or misconfiguration. If new applications and services such as VoIP are not tested before they’re rolled out it is impossible to know what impact they might have and what chaos they could create.

The need to analyse and mitigate the effects of change on users has never been greater. IT efficiency is taking over as one of the greatest enablers or inhibitors to business and financial success. This failure to simulate the effects, impact and capacity of new services and applications is expensive in terms of operational efficiency, employee satisfaction and potentially customer loyalty.

Q. Why do UK organisations fail to test adequately?

The Top 5 reasons ….

  1. Perceived component complexity
  2. Time and cost pressures
  3. No existing testing policy / methodology
  4. Seeming negative feedback on project performance
  5. Conflicting team delivery objectives

Until now, the options for comprehensive, affordable load testing have been few and far between. IT teams have either accumulated a mass of monitoring and test tools, creating cost and management complexities, or not tested at all!

Neither option sits well if it’s your responsibility is to ensure application and network performance. Failure of either is guaranteed to raise the temperatures of users and customers and set the helpdesk into free-fall.

However, the greatest failings of this piecemeal approach are the failures to provide any insight into the location of issues, to stress test the network, or simulate attacks as a simultaneous, tractable and reportable process.

Q. Can network and applications testing ever be easy, effective and affordable?

A. Yes!

And only we have the solution and what is more, it delivers almost immediate ROI! Until now, the price point for lab-quality load testing and validation has been restricted to FTSE companies and carriers with significant budgets. Spirent Axon is a new entry to the UK test and measurement market and its impact will be significant to anyone responsible for ensuring network and application performance.

With Axon, Open Reality, the sole UK distributor, can deliver high performance, fully-featured testing for a quarter of the cost of bespoke solutions. It is a surprisingly simple network and application testing platform, one that delivers reliable, actionable results in real time, for fast network troubleshooting.

Very easy to use, you can model realistic traffic scenarios to validate the performance of applications, network devices and services with just a few clicks. Users in the US, where Axon is already widely in use, have fed back that the device is as easy to use as an MP3 player, even down to the preprogramed test scenarios.

In our opinion, Axon is the ideal test and validation tool to use if you are responsible for deploying new applications and services and you want to do this quickly and with confidence!

Axon is ideal for testing and validating:

  • Network Infrastructure Performance
  • Web Application Performance
  • Voice/Video Readiness
  • Network QoS Testing
  • Failover Performance

Q. Who will benefit from Axon?

A. Anyone wanting to…

  • Ensure the availability, security and performance of applications and services running over a network?
  • Know that the network will maintain service levels during high traffic events, predicted and errant?

To find out more about what you can do to ensure confidence in the health of your network infrastructure, to free yourself from the constant threat of fire-fighting and the anxiety of not knowing if your next change will bring the board to its knees, why not give one of our test and measurement specialist a call?

Contact sales@openreality.co.uk or call 01235 556400.

For more information on Spirent Axon click here.

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