Weblib Acquires Smilein, an all-in-one Mobile Ordering and Payment Solution

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By | 05/05/2022


Weblib Acquires Smilein, an all-in-one Mobile Ordering and Payment Solution

There’s no stopping Weblib! Just a month ago the public space digital transformation specialist, which is deployed on 10,000 sites in 80 countries, acquired Awadac, a publisher of ordering and payment software for catering. And today they have announced the acquisition of Smilein, the publisher of a mobile platform for restaurants and hotels. With this latest acquisition Weblib gets its hands on an all-in-one mobile ordering and payment solution, for digitalized customer journeys. Its different features allow it to be adapted to many use cases: ordering and payment at the table, click & collect, loyalty management, reservation of services or even experience sharing. Assets that have enabled the startup to convince leading players such as Big Mamma, La Felicita, the largest food court in Europe, the Agapes group, Hard Rock Café, and even Compagnie des Alpes.

Initially designed to meet the needs of restaurateurs, the Smilein platform can also address the challenges faced by concert halls, stadiums, leisure parks, as well as train stations and airports, strengthening Weblib’s capability in the digital transformation of these venues.

“We were seduced by Smilein’s mobile ordering solution, which offered the greatest functional depth on the market”, declared Arthur Philbé, CEO of Weblib. “It is a robust and reliable platform, which covers a multitude of use cases: it was designed for large accounts and chains, which is our main target market.”

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