UK Organisations Sluggish When Provisioning VM Storage


By | 29/03/2017


UK Organisations Sluggish When Provisioning VM Storage

10% of UK organisations still take weeks or months to provision storage.

Recent research by Computing found that almost 10% of UK-based organisations take weeks, or even months, to provision new storage for VMs.

When asked ‘On average, how long does it take to provision storage for use by virtual machines in your organisation?’, 7% of respondents answered ‘weeks’, with 2% admitting ‘months’. In total, 59% of respondents said it takes them hours or longer, with only 6% answering that storage can be provisioned in seconds. The real picture of how long it takes for this storage to be useful is possibly worse still as, even once provisioned, it still needs to be carved up and assigned to the applications that use it and, in a lot of cases, populated with data, adding yet more time.

Provision VMs in just seconds

Open Reality moved to Tintri storage in 2015 and we’ve never looked back. We originally bought it to support the growth of our IaaS business but we loved it so much we added it to our product portfolio too.

Tintri VM-aware storage can instantly provision high-performing and space-efficient clones of individual desktop VMs. Per-VM cloning along with features such as auto-alignment and performance isolation makes VDI and virtualised dev/test a simple, risk-free reality. Need to roll out a new operating system? No problem. Deploy hundreds or thousands of VMs quickly and easily with extreme space efficiency. Mobility, critical in today’s world, is also possible with Tintri. Professionals can access all desktops, applications and online services, remotely and securely, from any device on any platform, while boosting IT efficiency, protecting sensitive data and cutting costs.

In fact with Tintri’s web services architecture and APIs you can talk to Tintri through Slack and similar services, letting you manage your storage from anywhere on the planet.

Tintri VM-Aware Storage

Tintri T5000Only Tintri takes every storage action at the virtual machine level. Install and configure Tintri in half an hour, gain actionable real-time analytics into your environment and guarantee the performance of every single virtual machine.

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