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SolarWinds – “unexpectedly simple” IT management software

August 13th, 2015 by Open Reality

Keep it simpleThe vast majority of IT management tools today are hard to use, expensive and fail to really address the IT management challenges we face on a daily basis.

Whilst many IT pros have resigned themselves to accept complexity as “part of the job” – we don’t believe they should!

On Friday 4 September we will be hosting a webinar during which SolarWinds will demonstrate its incredibly simple, yet powerful and affordable IT operations management software.

We are confident that this demonstration will redefine the expectations IT Pros have for enterprise software. Keep it simple. Make it effective.

Register here to find out more about the webinar and to register your attendance.

Whilst we can tell you that SolarWinds can simplify IT management for you, only you can be the judge.

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What really strikes me every time I come to Open Reality is the excitement and motivation of the staff. They have a passion for the products they sell…
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