7 Reasons to Upgrade to the Super-charged Blue Coat PacketShaper S500

Network Optimisation

By | 16/09/2014

Network Optimisation

7 Reasons to Upgrade to the Super-charged Blue Coat PacketShaper S500

Are you moving to high performance networks? The PacketShaper S500, available now, delivers class-leading application visibility and advanced shaping capabilities with higher performance.

1. New high capacity PacketShaper S500 built for 10Gbps networks

Blue Coat has introduced the PacketShaper S500, a high-performance platform designed for 10Gbps networks. The S500 is built on a new secure operating system with a more powerful and multi-core CPU, expanded I/O options, and large storage and memory capacities. Now you can see and shape your high capacity Internet link that delivers Cloud and VPN traffic, or your newly upgraded WAN link.

2. Real-time classification architecture – no plugins, no OS updates

The PacketShaper classification engine now links with Blue Coat’s WebPulse content categorization to instantly classify web sites and content – with no need to install plugin’s or update the operating system. That’s real-time, cloud-connected classification only from Blue Coat.

3. Expanded network interfaces

The S500 now has capacity for up to 16x 1Gbps or 8x 10Gbps interfaces, copper and fiber options. Mix and match to get the I/O to fit your increasingly complex network topology.

4. Lightning fast UI

We’ve re-architected the S500 configuration and reports engine to speed administrative and reporting tasks. Fast response, do more and in less time.

5. Most powerful QoS shaping technology in the world

Routers and other QoS devices only use queues. More importantly, they have limited application understanding and can’t keep up with the rapidly changing web. PacketShaper uses leading application visibility to drive simple, powerful QoS. Asymmetric shaping with patented TCP rate control allows you to control remote Internet servers, while dynamic partitions make it easy to fairly allocate bandwidth among users. Add application-driven partitions, priorities and even MPLS marking, and you can see what makes PacketShaper the top QoS tool in the world.

6. Increased partitions and policies

The new S500 delivers 55,000 dynamic partitions for more hosts plus 10,000 classes & shaping policies to accommodate more sites and applications. That scales capacity to fit almost any need.

7. More need…video, BYOD, cloud applications, audio, unified combinations

Your Internet link is mission critical, and there are more applications driving bandwidth consumption today than ever before. From 1GB iOS updates to High Def YouTube and Netflix, PacketShaper identifies applications and content and provides the simple, powerful QoS to contain problems and assure critical applications.

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