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Why should you partner with Open Reality for Faster App Times?

July 25th, 2014 by Open Reality


Open Reality will proactively support your business’ IT needs to ensure your users will always have access to the fastest app times. We use only the industry’s leading products, solutions and partners.

Long-term relationships

Many of our customer relationships extend back to our launch over 15 years ago and have evolved from single software purchases to our specialist teams now hosting, delivering and managing complete IT infrastructures for them.

Market leading

In 2001, BrightCloud, Open Reality’s cloud services business led the IT industry’s transition to hosted and managed cloud services and applications. So at the forefront were we that we pioneered the build of one of the first commercial cloud infrastructures.

Our BrightCloud has advanced with technology, customer acceptance and user needs and is recognised by hundreds of private and public organisations to be tier 3 in terms of service delivery, security and consultants’ expertise.

Highly secure

The Open Reality BrightCloud is part of the NHS’s front-line N3 network and has passed the stringent compliance controls of banks, insurance companies, manufacturers and many other highly regulated businesses.

We know failure is not an option 

As a combined business, Open Reality and BrightCloud are recognised to be the IT partner for where network and application failure is not an option. For many of our customers, even a nano-second of downtime can have big implications – for trades, productivity, reputation and finances.

We put you in control

For network and application test, visibility and control we have partnered with market leaders – Apposite Technologies, Blue Coat, Network Instruments and Spirent Axon.

In partnership, Open Reality delivers the best IT solutions to all operational business issues

Combining the skills and knowledge of Open Reality’s solution experts, we deliver consultancy and complete guaranteed delivery “tool boxes”.

These complete “tool box” solutions will:

Ultimately, Open Reality will give you the confidence that your delivery challenges meet internal and external SLAs for:

We hope this provides a good overview of how Open Reality can help you and your colleagues to deliver faster app times and steer you to 10Gb success.

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