Open Reality Unveils Apposite Netropy 40G WAN Emulator

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By | 16/10/2013

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Open Reality Unveils Apposite Netropy 40G WAN Emulator

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London (October 16, 2013) – Open Reality today announced availability of the Netropy® 40G from Apposite® Technologies, the first WAN emulator capable of truly simulating a 40Gbps network.

Open Reality will be demonstrating the Netropy range on stand B63 throughout IP Expo 2013.

In a test environment, the Netropy 40G makes it possible to assess products intended for use on next-generation networks without impacting users on a live network. The addition of the 40G to the Netropy product line comes as bandwidth requirements are starting to put pressure on corporate networks and administrators are looking to migrate to 40Gbps technologies.

These next-generation high-speed networks will soon be imperative for organizations that support cloud computing infrastructures, storage replication and synchronization, or the distribution of huge media files. At these high speeds, even the smallest amount of latency caused by the distance between sites or occasional packet loss due to errors on the network will have a serious impact on performance.

To prepare for these potential issues, Apposite’s Netropy WAN emulators simulate a working network and recreate bandwidth, latency and packet loss. In this environment, network administrators or application vendors can benchmark and optimize system performance to validate expected application performance prior to roll-out in a live environment.

“Some might suggest that it’s early to bring a commercial 40Gbps WAN emulator to market, but as more demands are placed on applications, networks and data centres so IT departments are looking to the future to ensure WAN bandwidth. It’s here that the Netropy 40G comes into play,” explained Paul Wilson, director at Open Reality, Apposite Technologies’ UK Master Reseller.

According to research by TRAC Research, the market need for 40Gbps WAN emulation is growing; “TRAC’s findings show that 36% of organizations are looking to deploy 40Gbps networks in next 24 months. This is driving technology vendors to offer management solutions that can provide full network visibility in these environments. Apposite’s solution enables vendors and user organizations to test their network management tools and ensure that they can be truly effective in managing 40 Gbps networks,” said Bojan Simic, Principal Analyst, TRAC Research.

The compact, 1U-sized Netropy 40G comes with one pair of QSFP 40GbE ports and can handle an aggregate of 80Gbps of application traffic. In addition to simulating a single 40Gbps network, the Netropy 40G can also be used to simulate four separate 10Gbps links or up to fifteen lower speed links. This option provides a cost-effective solution for simulating large numbers of current-generation networks with a single device.

Open Reality, the UK Master Reseller for Apposite Technologies, offers the complete range of award-winning WAN emulators. Interest from its customers highlights the need for 40Gbps WAN emulation, as bandwidth demands on traffic and applications start to impact performance.

The Netropy 40G is the latest addition to the product line, which includes the Netropy 10G1 and 10G2 for 10Gbps emulation and the Netropy N60 and N91 for 1Gbps networks. By combining unparalleled ease-of-use with unmatched pricing while providing the performance required for high-precision testing, the WAN emulators from Apposite Technologies make it possible for network managers, IT administrators and application developers to learn, within minutes, how applications will perform over a variety of real-world networks.

Customer shipments start on 23 October 2013.

About Open Reality

Open Reality employs a practical approach to the use of IT to solve the issues faced by private and public sector organisations. It applies the same principals to providing proactive IT tools and platforms that underpin future performance and business success for its customers. Open Reality makes IT work by combining the value of its team’s experience with smart managed services and the best products from leading IT companies. Open Reality is the Master Reseller for Apposite Technologies in the UK.

About Apposite Technologies

Recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America, Apposite Technologies develops high-precision WAN emulation products used by IT professionals to benchmark the performance of applications across wide area networks. Distinguished by industry-best ease-of-use and unmatched cost-performance, Apposite’s award-wining Netropy and Linktropy appliances inform critical decisions impacting bandwidth investment, application deployment, and end-user satisfaction. Apposite’s network emulation products are used by leading enterprises, network application developers, government and military organizations, and telecommunications carriers around the world. Apposite Technologies – WAN Emulation Made Easy. For more information, see Apposite’s website at

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