Open Reality partners with Censornet to help customers simplify and consolidate their security tools

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By | 10/05/2021


Open Reality partners with Censornet to help customers simplify and consolidate their security tools

Integrated Security Platforms are displacing single point solutions because they share and learn across multiple threat vectors allowing faster, automatic and consistent response. Open Reality is proud to introduce you to Censornet’s innovative and automated cloud security platform protecting your workforce from cloud security, web and email threats.

For many businesses, expanding beyond even basic security requirements means a range of products need to be enlisted. The Censornet cloud platform consolidates the main components of a comprehensive and robust security suite and offers a single pane of glass through which to manage them.

Exclusive to the Censornet platform is the Autonomous Security Engine (ASE) that enables each solution to speak to and learn from one another, meaning that it evolves and reacts automatically, and ensures that threats are prevented, and your requirements supported – today and tomorrow.

Censornet Platform

Email Security

Secure your entire organisation from known, unknown & emerging email security threats – including email fraud.

Web Security

Protect users from web-borne malware, offensive or inappropriate content & improve productivity.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Discover, analyse, secure & manage user interaction with cloud applications – inline & using APIs.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Reduce impact of large-scale data breaches by protecting user accounts with more than just passwords.

“Point products in security have had their day, we need solutions that share information, learn and act as a platform making life easier and reacting faster. The Censornet platform will help our customers simplify and consolidate their security tools saving them thousands of pounds and countless management hours lost to separate systems, sprawling admin interfaces and management portals.,” said Duncan Little, Managing Director of Open Reality.

Charles Milton, VP of Channel and Strategic Alliances , Censornet added “Identifying and closing the blind-spots in an organisation’s security posture is key to ensuring that employees are connected, supported, and secure no matter where they are working, this requires an integrated approach to security.

A platform that combines email security, web security, cloud access security (CASB) and adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) into a single user-friendly interface, is the best way to provide unrivalled visibility and control, and to close the gaps left by siloed security products.”

“This partnership with Open Reality will put the security teams of Open Reality’s customers back in control by simplifying the complex task of managing their entire security stack through a single unified platform.”

About Censornet

Censornet is a British security software company with UK-based support and development. Censornet provides powerful Email Security, consolidated with proxy-less Web Security, alongside a full-featured CASB and adaptive MFA solution within an intuitive cloud-based platform, to deliver a cost-effective, easy to manage, single pane of glass solution.

About Open Reality

Founded in 1999, Open Reality is a privately owned leading value-added reseller in the UK that works hand-in-hand with our customer and the vendor to provide first class customer service and support, making sure that every request and order is satisfied in a timely and professional manner.

Because we really understand our vendors’ products, how they work, and whom they benefit, we can provide advice, feedback, and support that you won’t get elsewhere.
Our success is built upon our team’s combined expertise, so whether you need support with a one-off project, or with the entire design, build, and management of an IT infrastructure, we can help.

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