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Is your network ready for an avalanche of Apple IOS 8 downloads?!

September 17th, 2014 by Paul Wilson

Let’s hope you can! iOS 8 is a huge 700Mb. Multiply this by the number of users with access to your network and then by the number of Apple devices they have!

Without control, your corporate network will be compromised and business critical applications could fail.

In less than a couple of minutes our video shows you how Palo Alto Next Gen Firewalls can provide the visibility and granular control of network activity – based on application, user and content identification – that will protect your network from the impact of the Apple iOS 8 download.

There is not a business, organisation, school or facility in the UK that will not have Apple users waiting to download iOS 8. It’s making big promises. Don’t let it be your big headache.

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