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Network Instruments is Gartner NPMD Magic Quadrant Leader for Second Year Running

February 25th, 2015 by Duncan Little

Last week, Network Instruments was again positioned by Gartner as the leading provider of Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics tools.

Gartner recognised Network Instruments’ rapid response to the network complexities that virtualisation and cloud developments are bringing to all organisations and the reflected developments in its monitoring tools.

Where Network Instruments is seen to differ is the actual relationships it builds with the people who have to ensure performance in live environments. Through its partnerships, it ensures

We ensure that network teams have, not just the technologies needed to provide the visibility and insight they need, but the skills to actually use the monitoring tools well to pinpoint accuracy needed to ensure an optimum end-user experience.

The Network Instruments unit has followed a well-established, vertically integrated technology development strategy, designing and manufacturing most of its product components and software.

Two key parts of the NPMD solution have new product names (Observer Apex and Observer Management Server) and a new, modern UI that is a significant improvement.


About Network Instruments’ NPMD solution

Network Instruments’ NPMD tool set is part of the Observer Performance Management Platform 17. It includes Observer Apex, Observer Analyser, Observer Management Server, Observer GigaStor, Observer Probes and Observer Infrastructure (v.4.2).

Strengths of Network Instruments’ NPMD, as highlighted by Gartner

•  Data- and process-level integration workflows are well-thought-out across the solution’s component products.

•  Network Instruments’ recent addition of a network packet broker product (Observer Matrix) to its offerings may appeal to small-scale enterprises looking for NPMD and NPB capabilities from the same vendor.

•  Packet capture and inspection capability (via GigaStor) is well-regarded by clients.

Our business at Open Reality is to make network and application performance the best it can be for customers.

We have long recognised the strengths of Network Instruments monitoring and diagnostic tools and use them in our own business, in client solutions and in the managed services we deliver for customers, many of which operate in highly regulated sectors including the NHS, Government and financial services.

We have worked with Network Instruments for nearly 20 years and in that time it has innovated and led developments in network monitoring and diagnostics the entire time. We’re confident that it will be leading the NPMD Gartner Magic Quadrant for years to come.

Duncan Little, Managing Director, Open Reality and BrightCloud

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