Netropy WAN Emulator v3.0 Delivers Massive Scalability for Validating Cloud, Mobile, and Online Gaming Applications

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By | 03/08/2017

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Netropy WAN Emulator v3.0 Delivers Massive Scalability for Validating Cloud, Mobile, and Online Gaming Applications

Netropy StackApplication developers can now simulate hundreds of thousands of separate network connections from mobile and home clients.

Apposite Technologies, the industry leader in application performance testing over wide area networks (WAN), today announced the release of Netropy WAN Emulator version 3.0. Netropy v3.0 adds multiple new features to Apposite’s family of award-winning 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps WAN emulators, including the ability to automatically create a separate WAN link for innumerable individual IP addresses.

Successful application deployment requires testing with realistic network conditions before going live. Cloud application services, mobile application servers, and networked gaming infrastructure must be able to handle large numbers of home users or mobile devices independently connecting to a single site. Netropy v3.0 facilitates this testing by simulating tens of thousands of network links with different bandwidth and impairments in 15 different profiles of emulated conditions.

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With faster testing cycles, application developers and network professionals save both time and money getting products to market. Version 3.0 of the Netropy WAN Emulator can be configured to simulate a massive, worldwide network within minutes. Netropy’s simple graphical user interface makes it easy for application development teams to provision their own simulated network with a variety of link and impairment profiles in a repeatable test environment.

Additional features included in v3.0 include:

  • Network Outage emulation to simulate link outages from milliseconds to hours
  • Link Fault Mirroring to install the Netropy WAN emulator into a simulated high-availability, redundant network that tests automatic detection and failover from one link to a back-up
  • IPv6 Management to install and manage the Netropy WAN emulator on a dedicated IPv6 network

“Application developers are constantly challenged by the complex network variables that affect user experience,” said Neal Roche CEO of Apposite Technologies. “Netropy v 3.0 automates large scale network simulations easily, to simplify testing and help the development team deliver better products faster and more cost-efficiently.”

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