Mobile Eye Now Detects Adjacent and Co-Channel Interference Problems

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By | 08/11/2019


Mobile Eye Now Detects Adjacent and Co-Channel Interference Problems

7SIGNAL’s latest update to Mobile Eye includes a new GUI to reduce mouse clicks with shortcuts, whilst configuration tools now allow for more SSID control.

Building on years of global wireless network monitoring best practices and customer feedback, the latest release of the Mobile Eye helps wireless engineers find and fix the most common problem with Wi-Fi networks – adjacent and co-channel interference. This type of interference, often missed by traditional controller-based monitoring, causes wireless devices, running mission critical applications, to perform poorly and lose connection to the network frustrating end users.

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7SIGNAL uses patented technology to scan the wireless network for multiple access points using the same or overlapping channels causing high channel utilization, a loss of throughput, corrupted data and re-transmissions. Reducing these problems empowers hospitals to save lives, allows enterprises to be more productive, enables retail stores to increase revenue and much more.

“7SIGNAL helps us maximize wireless network uptime, stabilize device connectivity and increase network ROI,” said Scott Saluga, Senior Wireless Engineer at St. Elizabeth’s Healthcare.

Other product enhancements include:

  • Quick-select options on the time selector / calendar control
  • Device Details/Driver History shortcuts for faster reporting
  • The ability to ping gateways, Web download targets and sonars can now be toggled on/off per SSID

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