IT Support Should Never be an Afterthought


By | 18/01/2016


IT Support Should Never be an Afterthought

Open_Reality_IT_SupportIf you’re planning on moving to a cloud based computing model and using commodity services such as Office 365, don’t neglect support. Few IT teams have all the IT support capacity they need and therefore their IT strategies are (relatively) high risk.

Do you have capacity?

Do you have the resource, expertise and time to manage and support every aspect of your IT infrastructure in-house? Your exchange services might run OK but they need to be kept up-to-date, is this achievable? Whatever you do, don’t expect it to be magically done by Office 365.

Even with generous budgets, our absolute reliance on IT infrastructures for business success, corporate governance, regulatory compliance and enterprise risk management means that trying to manage and deliver your entire IT infrastructure and support services in-house is high risk.

Lower risk and cost with managed services

We are increasingly finding that our customers are outsourcing the risk (and therefore lowering their costs) by making a strategic move to cloud and managed services. More and more companies are finding that outsourced support (for all or just some appropriate elements) is better and less expensive than in-house options. As a direct result, these organisations – small and large, private and public sector – are trusting more and more of their IT hardware and software to BrightCloud, who’s cloud-based services, solutions and infrastructure are becoming the managed IT solutions of choice.

The moral of the tale is, never take IT support for granted. When planning your IT strategy ensure you have IT support planned in and have chosen a partner with the right skills to provide these services to you on a daily basis.

About BrightCloud

BrightCloud can take absolute responsibility for day-to-day management so IT and network teams can focus on what matters – ensuring users have access to the network, applications and services they need to work well, freeing you from the minutiae that can, and often does, eat up whole working days.

Each member of our team is highly trained, accredited, reviewed and with proven industry experience. They provide customers with real insight and the tangible delivery of services that are guaranteed to deliver real benefits to users, the business success and to the organisation as a structure.

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