What IT Issues Cause You the Greatest Concern? Do You Even Know?!

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By | 10/04/2014

Network MonitoringNetwork Optimisation

What IT Issues Cause You the Greatest Concern? Do You Even Know?!

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Are your IT helpdesk calls related to problems caused by your network, systems, or applications?

Can you pre-empt glitches or quickly and easily view issues retrospectively once they have happened? To be effective, you should be able to!

Products built by Network Instruments (NI) will answer all your questions faster, more accurately and more completely than any other network performance, monitoring and diagnostic solutions available to you.

This proven path to resolution that Observer and GigaStor guarantees is why so many of the most successful, well-recognised companies with the happiest employees and customers use Network Instruments.

Our network team at Open Reality has helped large and small organisations across the UK build complete visibility into their networks.

Aardman Animations, the home of Wallace & Gromit and Capita, responsible for resourcing government and mission critical businesses, use Observer and GigaStor for a 360-degree view of their network for accurate pro- and reactive problem diagnosis.

We are happy to walk you through the NI range of products to provide you with the opportunity to see how one or more of the Network Instruments network performance, monitoring and diagnostic solutions could help you and your colleagues work better and be less frustrated by IT glitches that can impact the way we do our day jobs.

Network Instruments – Application performance, network performance, monitoring and diagnostics tool kit

Observer: The Complete Performance Monitor – 360 network review

Observer RS provides high-level, enterprise-wide reporting with end-to-end visibility into network health. Macro and micro reporting with deep drilldown power. Behaviour analysis with real-time and historical insights into future network trends for proactive intervention.

GigaStor: Retrospective Network Analyser – Rewind, review and resolve up to 5 PB of network data

GigaStor’s massive data collection and unique time-based analysis eliminates the task of recreating issues because you can see problems as they occur with all the detail you need – and then some!

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