INFINIDAT Demonstrates Storage Replication Performance Using Apposite WAN Emulators

Network Testing

By | 06/04/2016

Network Testing

INFINIDAT Demonstrates Storage Replication Performance Using Apposite WAN Emulators

Netropy WAN Emulator Assists in Success of Customer Presentations

Apposite® Technologies, the leading provider of enterprise WAN emulation products, today announced that INFINIDAT is using Apposite’s Netropy® WAN emulator to demonstrate the performance of its data storage solutions to customers under real-world network conditions.

Netropy 10G2

Netropy WAN emulators simulate bandwidth constraints, latency, packet loss, congestion and other network impairments to test the performance of storage systems and enterprise client-server applications over the wide-area network.

INFINIDAT is a leading developer of high performance, highly available storage solutions. Its InfiniBox product line delivers fast, highly available, and easy-to-deploy storage systems with up to 2 PB of useable capacity in a single rack drawing less than 8KW of power.

One unique feature of InfiniBox is its Near-Sync Replication, asynchronous replication so efficient that users can set an RPO of less than 4 seconds. This is a unique capability when compared to competitive systems that are typically limited to RPOs of minutes or hours.

In order to demonstrate the performance and efficiency of InfiniBox to potential customers, INFINIDAT inserts the Netropy 10G2 WAN emulator between storage arrays and configures dials in the conditions of the customer’s network. The customer is then able to see exactly how InfiniBox will perform when installed between the real datacenter and replication site.

“Netropy’s intuitive interface makes it easy for customers to grasp at a glance the tests we are showing, and allows the customer to focus on the performance of our products rather than the configuration of the test tool,” said Aviad Offer, Senior Technical Director at INFINIDAT. “The ability to change test conditions on the fly and immediately see the results graphically displayed on the Netropy monitor also greatly assists in the success of our customer presentations.”

Netropy WAN emulators simulate WAN links from less than 1 Kbps up to 40 Gbps.  The Netropy 10G2 model offers four 10 Gbps Ethernet ports to simulate two separate 10 Gbps links or up to 30 separate lower speed links.

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