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Ground Control to Major Tim: Using Framehawk Technology

January 18th, 2016 by Duncan Little

Tim PeakeAs Tim Peake orbits the Earth and the country celebrates having a British astronaut on the international space station I can’t help thinking about how communication and the sharing of information has evolved. Isn’t it fantastic that we can get such clear video and voice from space, 270 miles up? Did you know that some of the technology employed in this communication is also included when you use Citrix?

Framehawk Technology

Framehawk technology (acquired by Citrix in 2014) was originally developed to improve communication with spacecraft and satellites up to 12,000 miles away! Its Lightweight Framebuffer Protocol was designed to deal with limited bandwidth and high packet loss environments to provide clear video and sound.

This same technology is now built into Citrix XenApp/Desktop 7.6 Feature Packs 1 and 2, meaning that even on very poor connectivity the experience and the rendering of images is still excellent. No other developer of VDI or application delivery technology can achieve what Citrix can now that it has FrameHawk technology built in.  This outperforms Teradici’s PCoIP (built into VMware Horizon/View) which currently struggles in some WAN/Mobile data deployments.

So big congratulations to Citrix for their space enabled communication technology… you see, it really is rocket science!

For more information on Citrix and Xenapp, click here.

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