EnGenius launches a new line of small business-oriented access points and switches called EnGenius Fit


By | 04/11/2022


EnGenius launches a new line of small business-oriented access points and switches called EnGenius Fit

With easy deployment and competitive pricing, EnGenius Fit will help small businesses whip their Wi-Fi networks into shape.

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, November 3, 2022 — EnGenius, a multinational networking company, known for delivering future-proof networking solutions for businesses of all sizes, announced the release of a new Wi-Fi solution designed specifically for small businesses called EnGenius Fit.

With this launch, the global network equipment manufacturer is bringing hassle-free, enterprise-grade quality products to small and medium-sized businesses. With fast deployment and simplified cloud-based management, small business owners without IT staff will have more time to run their business instead of putting out fires. Small business owners work hard to provide the best service to customers while growing their business. The last thing they need is sub-standard Wi-Fi. Yet many business owners struggle constantly with dropped connections, slow speeds, and data breaches—all the while wondering if there’s a solution built just for them. Now there is.

EnGenius Fit is unlike any solution that has appeared on the Wi-Fi networking landscape. It’s the smartest, most affordable Wi-Fi solution yet for small businesses. Simple and secure, this new family of access points and switches is supported by new, subscription-free EnGenius Fit cloud-based management options built to thoroughly streamline deployment while providing enterprise-grade security and reliability.

Anyone can do it. There is no complexity at all—just the visibility, control, and insights that allow customers to make solid business decisions confidently. EnGenius Fit is easy and fast as all network components can be managed effortlessly through a mobile app or web interface no matter the level of network knowledge.

For slightly larger companies with an IT staff, EnGenius offers more management options: a local portal ideal for examining deep-level analytics on any device, or a plug-n-play network controller with pre-installed network management software, which allows even junior IT pros to set up a cloud-based or on-premises network management infrastructure. Small business owners will finally have all the tools they need to run an affordable, reliable, secure network. It all comes subscription-free, a feature that EnGenius expects dental offices, law firms, and other small businesses will appreciate.

The interface of the cloud component of EnGenius Fit is flexible and user-friendly, while providing comprehensive, information-rich business insights. Business owners can select any combination of two (2) access points and one (1) switch to complete a budget-conscious Fit solution:

L2 PoE Switches

  • EWS2910P-FIT
  • EWS7928P-FIT
  • EWS7928FP-FIT
  • EWS7952P-FIT
  • EWS7952FP-FIT

Indoor Access Points

  • EWS357-FIT
  • EWS377-FIT

Outdoor Access Point

  • EWS850-FIT

Every time small business owners invest in an upgrade, they expect greater efficiency, more reliability, and all the increased revenues that are bound to pour in from a smoothly functioning network. EnGenius Fit delivers.

About EnGenius

EnGenius is a leading global manufacturer of pioneering wireless and voice communications. For more than 20 years, EnGenius has delivered best-in-class voice and data solutions that empower mobility, enhance productivity, and embrace simplicity. EnGenius prides itself on providing its customers with the best, most reliable, feature-rich, personalized network solutions to drive their success.

Media contact: marketing@engeniusnetworks.eu

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