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Ekahau Site Survey v8.7.0 Released

March 15th, 2017 by Sam Cobley

Yesterday saw the release of a new version of Ekahau Site Survey, taking the software to version 8.7.0. The highlights of the new version are:

Copy & paste Wi-Fi planning (predictive design) elements: APs, walls, floor alignment points, etc.

Tiger Liu from Ekahau shows off the new copy and paste feature in v8.0.7. Either right-click and select copy & paste, or use CTRL+C / CTRL+V.

Adjust heatmap opacity to make the floor plan more visible

Adjust Heatmap Opacity
You can now adjust the visualization transparency / opacity to your liking via the (Visualization) Options dialog.

Quick AP coverage toggling

  • Selecting an access point on the map view now automatically deselects the other access point(s)
  • This allows you to quickly toggle between each access point’s coverage when you are showing the visualization for the Selected Access Points
  • To select multiple access points on the map view, hold down the CTRL / SHIFT / CMD button or select the APs one by one on the left hand side Access Point List. You can also do the group selection with Edit-tool now!
Ekahau AP Toggling
When you click on an AP, that will automatically de-select the other AP(s) allowing you to quickly toggle between the AP coverage areas. When you need to select multiple APs, just hold down the CTRL / CMD / SHIFT button while clicking on the APs. Just make sure you are showing the visualization for the selected APs.

Improvements for non-adjacent wall segment handling

  • Editing multiple wall elements simultaneously now applies only on the selected elements
  • Previously the change was also applied on the elements between the selected elements which practically made the whole multi wall edit unusable

Addition of Aerohive multi-radio logic

HUGE amount of new APs and antennas from almost 40 different vendors

To see the change notes in full and to download the latest version of the software click here.

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