Ekahau Releases the First All-in-One Wi-Fi Site Survey Device

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By | 08/09/2017


Ekahau Releases the First All-in-One Wi-Fi Site Survey Device

Sidekick - Survey FasterWi-Fi is mission-critical to businesses of all sizes as over 55% of Internet traffic is generated over Wi-Fi today and site surveys are at the core of a successful network design. Traditionally Wi-Fi measurements have been collected with a mixed bag of various dongles and other Wi-Fi devices.

However yesterday Ekahau announced an all-new product called Ekahau Sidekick™ which promises to change everything.

“Ekahau Sidekick was built with one goal in mind and that was to make measuring high-quality Wi-Fi networks faster, more precise and above all, easier. After two years of development with invaluable input from the Wi-Fi community and a ton of fine-tuning, we feel we’ve accomplished it. Sidekick will revolutionise site surveys and fundamentally change the way businesses design and manage their wireless networks,” said Jussi Kiviniemi, Senior Vice President at Ekahau.

Ekahau Sidekick is a custom-built site survey and troubleshooting device that houses two enterprise-grade 802.11ac adapters (previously only seen in enterprise Wi-Fi access points) and an ultra-high resolution spectrum analyser that operates on both 2.4 and 5GHz bands simultaneously.

The battery-powered device provides over eight hours of Wi-Fi site survey time and is shipped with a messenger-style carrying strap that enables multiple ways of carrying it for convenience and ease of use.

When used in conjunction with a laptop or tablet running Ekahau Site Survey, wireless engineers can gather comprehensive data of any Wi-Fi network (including signal strength, noise, co-channel interference, network configuration information, and comprehensive spectrum analysis) more quickly and accurately than with any other solution.

Who will benefit from using Ekahau Sidekick?

  • System integrators who design and maintain networks for their customers
  • Enterprise network engineers across all business types who typically maintain and expand their existing wireless networks

“Users, devices, and applications perform exponentially better on properly designed and maintained Wi-Fi networks, saving businesses time and money in the new era of the digital platform.” said Olga Yashkova, Program Manager, Frost and Sullivan. “Ekahau is the global leader in providing customer value for wireless design, and Ekahau Sidekick now further extends Ekahau’s portfolio and value-proposition to businesses and system integrators alike. We believe this could be a game-changer”.

Ekahau Sidekick is available to order from today and is expected to start shipping this October. Call us now on 01235 556 400 or email ekahau@openreality.co.uk to order yours.

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