The Early Reaction to Ekahau Sidekick


By | 14/09/2017


The Early Reaction to Ekahau Sidekick

Anyone in the Wi-Fi community that ventures onto social media will have seen the buzz around the hottest new Wi-Fi product: Ekahau Sidekick. We think that this is a bold move by Ekahau, but a much needed one if the accuracy of wireless surveying is to take a significant step forward.

However as with any product announcement it can be difficult to work out what is marketing ‘hype’ and what’s not, but this is where the community is ready to step in and add some clarity.

Several wireless professionals were lucky enough to get evaluation versions of the Sidekick, and they have shared their thoughts on the pros and cons of the device, and more importantly, if it will change the wireless surveying world like we hope it will.

Blake Krone & Samuel ClementsNo Strings Attached Episode 63 – Ekahau Sidekick

By Blake Krone (@blakekrone), Samuel Clements (@samuel_clements), and Keith Parsons (@KeithRParsons)

Samuel and Blake from the No Strings Attached Show joined forces with Keith from the Wireless LAN Professionals Podcast to talk all about Ekahau’s new Sidekick.

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Nigel Bowden

Ekahau’s “Game Changer”: Your New Survey BFF

By Nigel Bowden (@WifiNigel)

“This really feel likes a huge game changer in the market place. Obviously, in reality, the market will determine whether there is an appetite for such a device. As a Wi-Fi enthusiast, the Ekahau Sidekick is a very exciting addition to our arsenal of Wi-Fi test equipment. But it will be subject to the economic realities and the sometimes harsh fickleness of real-world commercial organisations. There will be many “techies” like myself who will love this new concept from day one of its release. But, it will be down to the Sidekick itself to deliver enough ROI for organisations to be willing to make the investment if it is to survive long term.”

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Lee BadmanThe WLAN Survey Fat is in the Fire

By Lee Badman (@wirednot)

“The fat in this case is the slick new Sidekick from Ekahau. And the fire is the WLAN survey and analysis tool market. Sidekick has the ability to be a game changer, if the market accepts its price point, warranty terms, and form factor. With today’s announcement about Sidekick’s arrival, there is much buzz and excitement among the Ekahau faithful, but time will tell whether it ignites new sales, or burns itself out.”

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Jonathan DavisGeek Tools: Ekahau’s New Sidekick

By Jonathan Davis (@subnetwork)

“Today Ekahau went public with a new device that moves them from just another industry player to leading the wireless survey tool industry.

The Ekahau Sidekick answers a lot of questions that have been plaguing those of us who regularly do wireless surveys. To understand why it is such an important move for the company, you first need to understand a few of the pain points that comes with being a wireless engineer.”

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